Native Title and learning in communities: What’s film got to do with it?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014
Stephen Goldsmith
Karina Lester
Deane Fergie
Caro MacDonald

This panel is about film, learning and communities of practice.

Take One. See how film is being used to engage Kaurna people of the Adelaide Plains in reclaiming their language. Steve Goldsmith, film-maker with Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi, will talk about film-making and the Kaurna language learning film series. Before you know it he’ll get you to hop on a bike and take a tour with him round some Kaurna sites.

Take Two. An old University of Adelaide building on the city side of North Terrace. Walk Level three with us as we introduce our panel. We’ll reflect on how filming has brought us together and how film-making is a practice through which, in our shared work space, we have become a community of learning practice.

Take Three. An on Country sitting of the Federal Court in suburban Adelaide. Watch Peter Sutton use the ‘genealogical method’ to elicit genealogical, terminological and normative detail from Yankunytjatjara woman Karina Lester. Listen to Karina’s advice on proper practice.

Be drawn into our learning community through Caro MacConald’s film exploring society, produced to ground a course on ‘Group Description and the Society Question’.