National representation for Prescribed Bodies Corporate

Monday, 5 June 2017
Glen Kelly

The National Native Title Council has been an Alliance of Native Title Representative Bodies and Service Providers informally since 2005 and formally as an incorporated body since 2007. From its inception to now the NNTC has grown in stature and credibility forming many strong relationships with governments and industry that have assisted the native title sector to develop and to form a strong native title sector bloc that has both the strength and credibility to negotiate with industry and government on issues of national significance and on native title reform. 

As native title is being settled across the country, the NNTC is taking the next step to expand its membership to other native title organisations, such as Prescribed Bodies Corporate and Traditional Owner Corporations. The NNTC session will present information about the new structure, how organisations can become members and the benefits membership can provide. This will be followed by an open session for interested participants to discuss the role of the NNTC and find out more about its activities and its key lobbying priorities for government policy development and legislative reform into the future.