National Indigenous Languages Convention Keynote Address

Thursday, 22 February 2018
Craig Ritchie

The AIATSIS CEO Craig Ritchie delivered the Keynote address at the inaugural National Indigenous Languages Convention on 22 February 2018. Mr Ritchie spoke about the significant work of AIATSIS on the preservation, maintenance and revitalisation of Indigenous languages, and the vision the Institute has for a world in which our knowledges, our cultures are recognised, respected, celebrated and valued.

Mr Ritchie outlined the AIATSIS Indigenous Languages Strategy, with three objectives of:

  1. Documenting every Australian language for use by current and future generations.
  2. Building the capability of every language community to strengthen their language.
  3. Providing opportunities for every Australian to learn and take pride in an Australian language.

The AIATSIS CEO also called for the development of a National Indigenous Languages Strategy to provide coordination and links people together at a strategic level.

Watch the speech in full below.