Modelling Community Digital Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, 2 July 2019
Susan Beetson
Sojen Pradhan

The primary focus of this research is to develop an innovative model that facilitates community digital entrepreneurship. 
The model proposes practical applications, including: 

Community members' ability to promote:

  • existing digital skills through skills alignment and identify skill enhancement opportunities
  • individual cultural, social and professional interests 

Community's ability to: 

  • develop resilience through the promotion of identified cultural aspects, community industries, social interests and tourism
  • identify factors that empower the whole community and participation to attract future community digital infrastructure and operations.

Despite the view that a digital divide exists in Australia, First peoples have taken up mobile technologies at a faster pace and at a breadth equal to or greater than non-Indigenous people. This model proposes to showcase existing Community members’ digital skills, which will combine to highlight Community cultural capital. Further, the proposed platform will provide opportunities for community digital enthusiasts to take up entrepreneurial startup opportunities, collaborate with other community members and with community organisations and create opportunities for community to establish Government and industry partnerships.

Digital resources and digital skill development have the potential to enhance employment opportunities and create digital entrepreneurship pathways.