A model for data sharing and research: the Indigenous Research Exchange

Tuesday, 2 July 2019
Michael Payne
Chi Chi-Chung
Paul Knight

The Indigenous Research Exchange is a project which aims to build the evidence base to support policy and practice that improves outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. More specifically, the Exchange will focus on:

  • Translating current research into meaningful, useful and practical information;
  • Identifying gaps in the evidence base;
  • Creating a central online portal for data and evidence; and
  • Provide grants for research priorities, with a focus on research translation and addressing gaps in the evidence base.

By making the evidence base more accessible to decision makers, and through the transformation of research into meaningful and useful knowledge relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the Exchange will be a powerful resource for community-based leadership and community-led decision making. 

The Exchange will also be a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to discretionally share stories and knowledge through the medium of the online portal. The portal will connect Indigenous people through place, themes, experiences and stories to strengthen and build data governance and ownership. Narrative elements will be an important aspect of the Exchange, as they play a crucial role in Indigenous knowledge sharing, and are expected to catalyse research into areas of particular relevance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.