MG Corporation: A new type of Australian pioneer

Tuesday, 5 June 2018
Allan Wedderburn
Dominique Reeves

This presentation explores the experiences of MG Corporation in pioneering a sustainable post-determination future for Miriwoong and Gajerrong people in the East Kimberley.

Beginning with how MG Corporation came to be established, we will briefly explore the current structure and how its varied assets are managed. We will consider some benefits and constraints in managing the diverse land portfolio that MG people have secured under the ground-breaking Ord Final Agreement. These land parcels include exclusive native title determinations, freehold estates and large rural areas managed in partnership with Government. Overall, the agreement established a dynamic 700,000 ha land mosaic.

MG Corporation is a story to be celebrated and we will review some recent major successes, including a social programme to increase school attendance, ADPs with local agricultural developers, and establishment of a rapidly scaling building and maintenance company.

We will review ongoing constraints and unfinished business that still require attention. For example, land agreed under the Ord FA to be transferred to MG Corporation over 10 years ago remains in government hands and not all aspirations expressed in the agreement have been achieved, including the vesting in MG people of a large nature reserve surrounding Lake Argyle.