Maximising future benefit from the Indigenous Estate

Wednesday, 7 June 2017
Eddie Fry

We must work more strategically with the resources held by Indigenous Australians. These resources include land, assets, people, and the intellectual property flowing from our unique culture. 

Since becoming Chairman of both the Indigenous Land Corporation and Indigenous Business Australia, I have become convinced that the Indigenous Estate is a central concept. We need to define this concept, understand what it comprises and work to realise its potential. Over time we need to raise its status as an important contributor to the prosperity of Indigenous Australians.

The ILC and IBA, along with other Indigenous bodies such as land councils, NTRBs and PBCs, collectively have a crucial role to play in defining, developing and protecting the Indigenous Estate for future generations. Therefore as part of my presentation I will deliver a "report card" on what the two organisations have achieved and our strategic intent for coming years.

A key vehicle in delivering the ILC's strategic intent in coming years is the National Indigenous Land Strategy (NILS) which is currently undergoing a major community consultation. As part of this conference, the ILC will be conducting a final face to face Indigenous consultation on the NILS.