Martu Leadership Program

Wednesday, 17 June 2015
Billy Landy
Nyari Morgan
McLean Williams
Galvin Roberts
Lindsay Crusoe
Andrew Minyardie
Stewart Watson
Tim Schneider

This program operates in remote Martu communities in the Western Desert. It builds on the Martu Ranger Program. It is designed for everybody, not a select group.

The program combines parallel learning streams: learning in the whitefella world and learning in the Martu world.The first of these aims to build confidence and capacity in essential areas of technical Western knowledge: government, corporations law, native title law, trust law, criminal law and sentencing, and the operations of for‑profit and not-for-profit companies. This includes coursework and study trips to meet with, present to, learn from and form networks with government staff, companies, lawyers and other professionals as well as with other Aboriginal communities.

The learning in the Martu world is cultural advancement in the law. There is a limited extent to which this can be discussed, but it is critical. The two streams make people and communities strong in the contemporary world.