Making agreements work

Wednesday, 1 June 2016
Dr Tran Tran
Stacey Little
Hema Hariharan

The recognition and continued protection of native title rights and interests has evolved over the last 20 years. There still remains significant extant claims that require resolution in addition to the increasing demands of the post determination space.

The NTRB Legal Precedents Database is a unique resource that contains legal agreements, case law, legislation and resources relevant to native title. The database is used by NTRBs/NTSPs across the spectrum of their claim and post-determination work. It provides a secure environment that allows each organisation to share agreements, legal advices, court documents and other resources confidentially; saving time and the duplication of effort throughout the sector.

The technical redevelopment of the database includes new categories of precedents, incorporating publicly available materials, such as agreements, case law and legislation commentary, with a renewed focus on legal advices, templates and checklists of factors to be taken in to consideration when developing litigation and settlement strategy, negotiating and drafting.

Workshop participants will be introduced to current agreement making trends, taken on a tour through the new database, and will have the opportunity to discuss agreement making in their regions and  ask questions.