Lead My Learning and Ngukurr News: sharing two projects to demonstrate the potential of engaged collaborations

Thursday, 23 March 2017
Daphne Daniels
Nyssa Murray
Associate Prof Kate Senior
Prof Valerie Harwood

Lead My Learning
The Lead My Learning campaign was developed for the project Getting an Early Start to aspirations: Understanding how to promote educational futures in early childhood (funded by the Australian Research Council). 

In this presentation we will outline how we developed and produced this unique social marketing campaign to promote educational futures in communities experiencing educational disadvantage. The presentation will emphasise how, through our ongoing attention to learning Aboriginal protocols (Murray & Harwood, 2016), we have been able to build collaborations and adapt social marketing approaches for application in community education contexts. 

The Lead My Learning Campaign

Ngukurr News
Ngukurr News was first established in 2000, and ran until 2004. Since then the community sought to re-establish it, with it now operating again in 2016. The aim is for the Ngukurr News to be self-sustaining, completely owned and run by the community. The foundations are in place for the newspaper to continue growing its presence and providing Wanbala Bois Bigisma Langgus – the paper’s motto – which translates to one voice, many stories.

The Ngukurr News