Kincha and the Council: decision making processes, the old and the new

Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Wayne Butcher

Kincha is the traditional lore and custom that underpins the principles of clan based decision making. At the core of kincha are the notions of respect and empowerment. Respect that Elders lead their respective clan and the decisions they make and empowerment in that the individual clan members know what to do and how they are responsible for their part in the greater communal good.

The principles of kincha have been eroded over time and a new hierarchical structure now stands in its place. The philosophy that a Council or an elected arm of community representation replaces kincha has led to a disempowerment of Elders and community people.

In the past Elders were responsible for their respective ‘villages’. All Elders lead their groups and decisions were made where traditional owners were on the same level playing field.

The basic principles of kincha – respect and empowerment- shouldn’t be forgotten in this day and age as it is all about the people. Kincha empowers people, empowered people develop good leaders.

The future of Lockhart and the key to its success is to rebuild that respect for kincha and the role of Elders and the bottom up approach.