Jabalbina Yalanji Aboriginal Corporation: our experiences of native title

Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Mary-Anne Port
Jim Turnour

Jabalbina is the Eastern Kuku Yalanji (EKY) People’s Registered Native Title Body Corporate, primary Land Trust and registered Cultural Heritage Body. As Trustees of the EKY Peoples’ traditional estate Jabalbina’s vision is to be caring custodians of bubu (land) so EKY People benefit culturally, economically, academically and socially, while enhancing EKY tribal lore and cultural values. This paper explores Jabalbina’s experiences in ILUA implementation and the many challenges TOs have faced and continue to face in trying to achieve this vision. The paper will discuss the considerable progress that has been made in areas including country based planning and ranger programs. It will also explore the failures to properly resource the governance of the corporation and the limitations this imposes including around future act and other referral processes, cultural heritage assessments and assisting EKY People to fulfil their aspirations to return to live on, manage and make a living from their bubu.