Investing for a better future

Friday, 3 June 2016
Rajiv Viswanathan
Les Fallick
John Sheldon
Kate George

In December 2015 the Prime Minister launched the Indigenous Investment Principles. But what practical steps can native title groups take to implement them?

This panel will focus on practical issues around the investment of money by native title groups who have an income flow stemming from their native title rights. The panel discusses how to apply sound investment principles including topics like:

  • —Ways to build a sustainable, long-term economic base, including the relative benefits and risks of investing on and off country
  • Establishing a good governance structure for investment
  • How to develop a practical Investment Strategy that reflects community circumstances and needs
  • How to select advisers and managers

The panel session will provide practical guidance, illustrated by real case-studies where Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) has assisted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander investors to implement appropriate investment solutions. Indigenous investors will be asked to participate with IBA on this panel.

IBA will also make available our commercial experts during the conference to meet with native title groups and organisations in one-on-one private sessions. These sessions can cover a range of issues facing delegates, such as implementing investment principles, how to gain early feedback about an investment idea, or how to access assistance from IBA and its network of commercial contacts.