Indigenous Governance Awards: Reflections and lessons from finalists of 2018

Monday, 1 July 2019
Michelle Deshong
Adrian Carson
Dr Valerie Cooms
Andrew Minyardi

The Indigenous Governance Awards (IGA) celebrate outstanding stories of Indigenous Governance excellence. Since 2005, the awards have highlighted the ability of Indigenous organisations and non-incorporated groups to come together and create culturally informed and sustainable governing arrangements. But what makes an ‘effective’ or ‘successful’ Indigenous organisation or group?

This panel presentation will hear from two finalists of the 2018 IGA. Reflecting on their governance journeys and highlighting their own markers for ‘success’ reveals a number of important lessons for Indigenous governance leaders and community practitioners. What are the commonalities shared between these finalists? And what are the points of divergence in their governing practices?

This panel presentation will finish with a discussion on future directions of the Indigenous governance sector. It will identify how research can create a better understanding of Indigenous governance and more effectively advocate for self-determined governing futures for Indigenous peoples, communities and nations throughout Australia.