Indigenous Australian Thriving Futures Symposium - Australian Centre for Indigenous Thriving

Tuesday, 2 July 2019
Prof Janet Mooney
Anthony Dillon

The Australian Centre for Indigenous Thriving (ACIT) is an emerging Centre hosted by the Australian Catholic University. ACIT aims to enable Indigenous children, youth, and communities to not just succeed but thrive. ACIT research focuses on the drivers that ensure Indigenous educational, psychological, physical, and family and community thriving. ACIT seeks to address difficult issues and respond to enormous opportunities by conducting research on Indigenous thriving, in genuine partnership with Indigenous youth, families and communities. 
ACIT is founded on the excellence of its key Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers, fostering interdisciplinary teams that build synergies across education, psychology and positive computing. Its work is founded on the key concepts of respect, responsibility, reciprocity and relationships. This Symposium presents a selection of research undertaken by the ACIT team on the promotion of wellbeing and academic achievement for Indigenous youth across school and non-school settings.

  • Paper 1: Towards A Positive Psychology of Indigenous Thriving and a Multidimensional Model of Student Wellbeing - Professor Rhonda Craven (presented by Dr Anthony Dillon)
  • Paper 2: Effective schooling for Aboriginal children in rural and remote areas - Dr Anthony Dillon
  • Paper 3: Identifying the psychosocial drivers of Indigenous professionals - Professor Janet Mooney
  • Paper 4: The Development of a Well-being App to Support Indigenous University Students - Dr Robert Brockman (presented by Professor Janet Mooney)