Indigenist Tech coDesign and coDevelopment (ITcD)

Wednesday, 3 July 2019
Susan Beetson

Governments internationally collect data from all parts of society Including First peoples' communities and open up these datasets, sometimes First peoples intellectual property, making them publically available. There is a view that this unlocks the value of open data to make business more efficient and make government work.

We know there are better outcomes in diversity, however a lack of diversity in tech design and development still exists.
How do we facilitate ethical use of data and accountability in tech design?

Indigenist Tech coDesign and coDevelopment (ITcD) argues that others' view First peoples' Knowledges as a commodity to be excavated and mined and that others consider First peoples' Knowledges as ‘another information set from which data can be extracted to plug into scientific frameworks’. Furthermore, ITcD considers systemic ways in which dominant people utilise whole systems to frame what others know. While all cultures have a view of other cultures, one culture’s view of another culture may not be a true reflection of that culture. The result may be harmful. It is critical therefore, to consider the lens applied to the cultural Knowledges being interpreted and appropriated into Western designed systems. 

ITcD considers the social, institutional and political dimensions that impact First peoples' lives in Australia and how that impacts technologies build from western perspectives for First peoples' knowledges.