Independent directors: skill meets need

Thursday, 2 June 2016
Anthony Beven
Rick Callaghan
Bernie Yates
Graham Patterson
Priscilla Collins

Well-governed, effective Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations are the backbones of strong communities.

Making sure these corporations have a balanced representation of their membership and community is one part of deciding who the leadership team should include but equally important is ensuring the team has the right skills to direct and lead the corporation.

Corporations are operating in increasingly complex environments. Policy change and funding arrangements are some of the challenges. Sometimes, because of geography, scale and funding, corporations don’t have ready access to the advice or support they need.

Independent directors can bring that capability, and in the form of a sustained, lasting exchange.

The Business Council of Australia and Registrar of Indigenous Corporations are continuing their work to link skilled people from the private sector with corporations seeking independent directors to improve their governance or drive innovation and business opportunities.

This session will discuss challenges and opportunities of having independent directors on a board.

You’re invited to ask questions of independent directors who are helping to make things happen at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations. The directors will discuss skills for the role, benefits for corporations and what else they’ve observed along the way.