Implementing structures for supporting independence – PBCs and Rep Body collaborations, a Kimberley perspective

Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Erika Blades
Albert Cox
Lynette Shaw
Thomas Dick
Danielle Mills
Phillip Sibosado
Eugenia Leslie-George
Tony Fitzgerald
Cissy Gore Birch

In the Kimberly there have been 23 Federal Court determinations recognising Native Title for 16 native title groups that are represented under 13 Registered Native Title Body Corporates (PBC's). These PBC's cover more than 75% of the Kimberly and are responsible for holding on trust approximately 353,809km2 of land and waters. The Kimberley Land Council currently provides assistance to 10 of these PBC's. This presentation provides some insight into what support structures are currently in place between the KLC and PBC's. Three case examples are provided including: Gooniyandi, where a service agreement provides for the employ of an operations coordinator; Bardi Jawi where support structures have been developed through leveraging resources from projects which has been critical in providing the scaffolding for PBC support beyond the scope of the individual projects; and Balanggarra with setting up a contract for negotiating an ILUA and the practicalities of section 60AB, in particular how to formalise a contract - the issues, considerations and difficulties experienced by Balanggarra. The presentation will discuss the options considered to overcome some of the limitations, the outcomes and practical implications. The key themes that will be explored in these panel discussions include: strength of PBC Governance; capacity building; and, breaking through barriers.