Historic Tenure and Native Title – Sharing the Knowledge, Sharing the Future

Thursday, 18 June 2015
Raelene Webb
Mark McInerney
Lisa Eaton

The High Court of Australia first recognised the existence of native title in Australia in 1992, many years after it was first acknowledged in some other settled colonies. The slow progress of claims for native title since that time has continued to frustrate native title parties, as well as governments and third parties. 

It is well documented that recognition of native title and tenure certainty are essential steps to empowering Indigenous groups to participate in economic activities to accord with their native title rights and aspiration. 

This paper discusses a collaborative project which allows early access to historic tenure and other information relevant to land rights and land ruse, to allow knowledge to be shared, providing the opportunity for meaningful (and early) consultation between governments and Indigenous groups and assisting parties work towards a shared future with benefits for all.