High Performance Pyrolysis Reactor for Resource Recovery from Comingled Municipal Waste

Wednesday, 3 July 2019
Dennis Orford

The project focuses on the development of innovative urban waste management technology that is simple, convenient, clean, effective, affordable and comprehensive while not resorting to environmentally detrimental techniques such as incineration or landfill disposal.
Early computer modelling shows enclosed thermal pyrolysis has excellent potential for harvesting energy and recovering resources from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). An innovative pyrolysis reactor that is compact, simple, cheap and tough, shall be specially designed to safely process all manner of waste materials without environmental release of odour, toxins, dust or smoke.

The overall project aim is to develop an environmentally benign and cost-effective resources recovery and energy utilization technology to reprocess all forms liquid and solid waste. It is hoped that the new technology can be applied to create a viable alternative to landfill waste disposal, establish a mainstream bio-energy market, enable rehabilitation of land and sea based plastic pollution and facilitate soil-based carbon sequestration to combat man-made climate change.