Hearing claims of grievance: The Aotearoa - New Zealand experience with the Waitangi Tribunal, Where to now?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014
Judge Craig Coxhead

The Waitangi Tribunal was established in 1975. The Tribunal is a permanent commission of inquiry charged with making recommendations on claims brought by Māori relating to actions or omissions of the Crown that potentially breach the promises made in the Treaty of Waitangi. The Tribunal has heard over 700 claims, has produced over 100 reports and is currently hearing some 900 claims in its last six district/regional inquiries.

These claims have largely focussed on historical claims dating back to 6 February 1840. While the Tribunal has heard some contemporary urgent claims (claims of Crown actions and omissions post 21 September 1992) the Tribunal is at an interesting point with the hearing of historical claims coming to an end. 

This presentation examines the progression of the Waitangi Tribunal since its establishment in 1975 and importantly its focus for the future