A fractured issue – how the CLC is facilitating informed decisions around unconventional oil and gas

Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Anthony Alexopoulos

Unconventional technologies that allow the recovery of oil and gas from deep shale resources are relatively new and have produced strong emotional responses where they have been used interstate and overseas. In central Australia the use of hydraulic fracturing is an emerging issue which has been the subject of a recent Northern Territory inquiry. 

In this climate the Central Land Council is challenged to furnish staff and the Council with the ability to understand and manage the burgeoning industry and to equip traditional owners with the capacity to make informed decisions about what is happening on their land. 

The CLC has a proud history of empowering traditional owners with reliable knowledge around contentious issues. This paper discusses the multi-faceted approach being taken to enhance the professional knowledge of staff in unconventional oil and gas and to communicate in a balanced way to constituents the methods and risks of this developing industry.