Emerging Aboriginal Corporations, Executive Office Support, Trusts and the future role of Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation

Monday, 5 June 2017
Mr Simon Hawkins

NTRBs/SPs are moving away from the ideological approach once held. We are now focused on a more practical outlook when it comes to the needs of Aboriginal Corporations. The Aboriginal Corporations set up as a result of Land Access Agreements, and the Prescribed Bodies Corporate created as a result of positive native title recognition, are emerging as strong regional entities each with their own unique and sophisticated needs. A ‘one size fits all’ approach is no longer an option as these groups start to establish their own plans for their future, and undertake community, cultural and commercial development.

This is where NTRBs/SPs can provide assistance. Our role can also start to incorporate the role of Trusts, and ensure they are held accountable to the Aboriginal Corporations and PBCs. What we want to do is stop Corporations being placed into special administration because of poor governance, and mismanagement. Strong NTRB/SP leadership can help play an active role to support Corporations as they grow, and through this support, ensure the prevention of Corporations/PBCs falling into special administration once they are created.

I will use case studies to illustrate this.