Embedding Indigenous voices at the State Library of New South Wales: Transforming practice through community engagement

Tuesday, 21 March 2017
Monica Galassi
Kirsten Thorpe

The State Library of New South Wales (the Library) holds vast collections of material relating to the experiences of Indigenous people in Australia. In 2014, the Library made a renewed focussed effort to review and increase the Library services dedicated to the Indigenous population through the creation of the Indigenous Services Branch. 

This presentation will explore how Indigenous Services at the Library work toward the goal of achieving impact and engagement with Indigenous communities across the State. By developing services onsite, online and on tour, the Library is aiming to build long term relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities concerning the management of cultural heritage items held at the Library. A number of strategies have been developed to build these relationships, which aim to transform and change practices across the Library and sector. 

Members of the Indigenous Services team will discuss a number of projects currently underway at the Library, and will reflect on this engagement and discuss the challenges, and lessons learned whilst developing these services and strategies.