Emancipation, legislation, capitulation and expectation: Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation

Tuesday, 5 June 2018
April Lawrie
Mr Gavin Peel
Peter Miller

Far West Coast Aboriginal Corporation manages native title as agent for the Far West Coast Aboriginal Peoples, from Ceduna, SA. Since our determination in 2013 the Corporation has dealt with the impact of an array of legislative requirements. This presentation focuses on 4 key themes that highlight the ongoing process of learning, adaption, concession and success of the corporation.

Emancipation - Looks at the freedom and actions taken when the opportunity to manage our land and cultural heritage and advance our members’ interests finally came with the recognition of native title.

Legislation - Examines the impacts of multiple sets of legislation, and the development of strategies, procedures, and governance structures to achieve on-the-ground functionality and legislative compliance. Political awareness and focus were essential against the pitfalls of legislation, and government policy opportunities that were not always what they seemed.

Capitulation - Shares the long, expensive and distracting process of adaption to legislation, developing confidence in legislative function and achieving excellence in members’ service delivery and compliance with imposed legislation.

Expectation – Examines the impacts on the scope and service of the corporation; sharing how the corporation reassessed and re-positioned after success or set back to achieve our priorities and maintain independence.