Developing a sustainable oral health service through an integrated community-centred approach within Cherbourg Aboriginal Community

Thursday, 23 March 2017
Mrs Taygan Tucker

In 2016 funding of $28,404 was received through Queensland Health’s Health Practitioner Research Scheme to conduct a 12 month Aboriginal community oral health research project. The project has strong support from the local Aboriginal Community which has expressed major concerns regarding the high prevalence and severe impact of dental caries within the community. The research is progressing well with ethics and site approval confirmed. The aim of the research identifying community perceptions of the importance of oral health, the oral health needs of the community and how these needs can be best addressed. 

The project also aims to embed research capabilities and workforce development activities within the local community and clinical service, facilitating ongoing shared service development. 

Results from this research will inform the development of sustainable community-centred oral health services for Aboriginal communities across Australia that responds to the needs and priorities of local communities in culturally appropriate ways. Importantly, the development of this model of formal community consultation is a significant contribution to the model of community-centred health care and assists in facilitating community-centred approaches to health in other health disciplines — placing Aboriginal health in Aboriginal hands.