Consistent Failure: Why an Ever Changing Government Policy is Detrimental to Native Title

Tuesday, 16 June 2015
Garry Pappin
Cynthja Pappin

So it began in the early days with Mabo anos winning their inherent birth rights for their people... And so began the native title surge right across the country by all Traditional Owners to attempt to win their birthrights and country back from the colonisers. They still refuse to yield and recognise the traditional rights and the sovereign rights of all tribal groups of the first nations people.

This paper will address the issues faced from that period of time up to the present and the failure of those policies and of the failure of those government instruments that were designed to assist and further Native title claims/applications. This paper presents an overview of the Native Title recognition process through the examples of the Muthi Muthi people #1, #2, and #3 as well as other nearby claims. These are the people from whose recognition and birthrights continue to be denied and for whom valuable resources squandered.