Collaborative Indigenous Research Initiative (CIRI) University of Canberra

Tuesday, 21 March 2017
Prof Peter Radoll
Dr Peter O'Brien
Dr Scott Heyes
Noeleen Lumby
Dr Kerry McCallum
Dr Jo Caffery
Tess Ryan
Margaret Somerville
Dr Fiona Dyer

CIRI is a network of researchers who are committed to Indigenous research. A focus within the University and CIRI is to grow the number of Indigenous PhDs and research active staff along with the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives into both work and research life at all levels across the University. To support and enhance research at UC, CIRI offers competitive research grants to support the work of UC academics. The grants are sought through an annual selection round. An intent of the proposal writing is to build research capacity and training to enable academics and students to become research active, build track record, foster the conduct of research with and in Indigenous areas of interest, and to build the proposal writing skills of the applicants. The criteria for these projects include projects that 

  • target Indigenous disadvantage and opportunity and have a clear path to impact 
  • are co-designed with Indigenous people 
  • integrate Indigenous academics, Honours and Doctoral students into the research projects.

In this session, recipients of these awards will share their research projects. The projects are at various stages of completion.