Century Mine and the Gulf Communities Agreement – Lessons learnt from a Waanyi Perspective

Monday, 5 June 2017
David Saylor
Miss Kathy Willetts
Brad Foster
Ms Shirley Chong
Mr Rodney Connolly
Mr Kevin Cairns
Ms Eunice O'Keefe
Mr Derek Aplin

The historic Gulf Communities Agreement (GCA) was signed in 1997. It is a comprehensive Agreement about land use and benefit-sharing between four Native Title Groups, the Mining Company developing Century Mine and the State of Queensland.
The GCA lists several goals and aspirations of the Native Title Groups which relate to economic participation, protection of land and environment, access to traditional land and pastoral leases, maintaining Aboriginal sites and cultural heritage and overall community welfare and social improvements. The GCA sets out the commitments of the mining company and the Queensland Government in pursuit of the goals and aspirations of the Native Title Groups. It also establishes special purpose organisations, companies and committees to implement the GCA. 
In 2016 Century shipped the last of its mined ore and in February 2017 sold its shares in the mine site. The GCA however, continues to operate beyond the end of the economic life of the mine site. It is proposed that a panel of Waanyi Elders and beneficiaries (including some signatories to the GCA) will discuss from a Waanyi perspective lessons learnt on how the social, economic, employment and other benefits under the GCA has met the aspirations on the Waanyi people.