The Bunya Project: Development and evaluation of the Graduate School of Health curriculum

Wednesday, 3 July 2019
Danielle Montgomery

The Bunya Project is inspired by the bunya tree which grows slowly, and cultivates nourishing edible nuts which provide nutritious sustenance to the communities. The Bunya Project, follows this concept through its development and ongoing collaboration with communities, developing authentic learning resources to nourish communities, staff and students in Indigenous perspectives. 

The Bunya Project is working collaboratively with six community organisations to gather stories, knowledges and expertise about what they see as important for healthcare education and practice to benefit our people. The Bunya Project is using research and technology as a tool to privilege and promote Indigenous voices directly into the mainstream tertiary curriculum. This approach is implementing self-determination, transforming the conversation to value our ways and our solutions, recognising cultural care giving practices as a positive determinant for Indigenous health and wellbeing. The stories, knowledge and expertise are documented on video utilising technology to ensure the diverse voices of our people have an opportunity to be heard. The impact, engagement and transformation of the Bunya Project is inter-woven, interchangeable and continuous. The project is firmly grounded in ongoing engagement, collaboration and leadership of community participants. The videos created remain the intellectual and cultural property of each participant to share with their families, communities and future generations, keeping the stories, expertise and leadership alive beyond the 21st Century.