Beyond the law: Moving forward with the Eastern Kuku-Yalanji People

Thursday, 7 June 2018
Alison Webb
Conrad Yeatman
Craig Dean

How do we breathe life into the legal arrangements for managing land that we come to, whether it is an ILUA, IMA, IPA? We have all been through the process, and know it takes years for agreements to be settled. Whilst the signing of each document is a huge reason for celebration, the real work has only just begun.

The Queensland State Government and the Eastern Kuku-Yalanji people signed an Indigenous Land Use Agreement in 2007, achieved handback of Aboriginal land and creation of new national park in 2011, and we are progressing towards Joint Management in the next few years.

But many will rightfully say that little has changed for them. How do we make meaningful change occur, and happen faster?

This presentation will cover some of the challenges and opportunities the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is addressing to improve joint management of our National Parks Cape York Peninsula Aboriginal Land, with a focus on the national parks in the iconic Daintree Region.