Anthropologists, claimants, anthropology and evidence within the Native Title process: Gumbaynggirr case study

Tuesday, 3 June 2014
Simon Correy
Larry Kelly
Mr Jitendra Kumarage
Gary Williams

The 2014 National Native Title Conference is taking place at Coffs Harbour, in Gumbaynggirr country. The Gumbaynggirr native title claims, over two smalls blocks of land at Second Headland near Urunga and the Gumma Peninsula just south of Nambucca Heads, were lodged in the mid-1990s. Following several years of research, the reports were submitted for consideration by the NSW Government in 2005. The claims are expected to be finalised later this year.

This panel examines anthropological methodologies to satisfy credible evidence and the Aboriginal claimants’ experience of the native title process generally and the anthropological research process in particular. This issue of incorporation and the influence of research conclusions, methodologies and discoveries on the claimant group’s sociality and self‑perception are explored.