Aboriginal success in addressing Aboriginal socio-economic disadvantage in the Australian city of Newcastle

Wednesday, 22 March 2017
Dr Deirdre Howard-Wanger

The paper speaks to the conference theme of Impact, Engagement and Transformation by drawing on the research from a place-based case study of Aboriginal success in addressing socioeconomic disadvantage in the greater Newcastle region, focusing on the key impact and role of 14 urban Aboriginal organisations in this regard. It explores the achievements of and transformations resulting from the work of these Aboriginal organisations in terms of creating Aboriginal institutions and social infrastructure, as well as addressing the social, cultural, political and socioeconomic needs of local Kooris. It also describes the success stories of these Aboriginal organisations, including the opportunities for success that they have provided for local Kooris and the successful programs that these Aboriginal organisations have created. In doing so, it speaks back to state and federal policies in relation to overcoming the disadvantage Aboriginal and Torres Strait people’s experience.