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Indigenous languages link to health and well-being

5 Mar 2014

Results of the National Indigenous Languages Survey 2 (NILS 2) released today, paint a complex picture of the current state of health of Indigenous languages in Australia, but also show a growing recognition of their value as elements of identity...

Arresting incarceration

Arresting incarceration

4 Mar 2014

Aboriginal Australians are nearly 18 times more likely than non-Aboriginal Australians to end up in prison. This is six times larger than the disparity between African-American and white imprisonment rates in the United States.

Exploring urban identities and histories and Gardens of discontent: health and horticulture in remote Aboriginal Australia

Two new AIATSIS research publications

4 Mar 2014

The research program is pleased to announce two new AIATSIS research publications, both of which can be downloaded free of charge from the AIATSIS website.

John Paul Janke holding the Reconciliation Action Plan

AIATSIS leads the way to Reconciliation

24 Feb 2014

AIATSIS has become the first Australian Government organisation to achieve the prestigious ‘Elevate’ status for its Reconciliation Action Plan - a classification seen as the new gold standard of RAP report benchmarking.

(L to R) Mr Thomas Aeschi, Swiss Ambassador to Australia Mr Marcel Stutz and Dr Stefan Kloetzli are shown a rare book by AIATSIS Librarian Rita Metzenrath.

Ambassador discovers AIATSIS Swiss link

14 Feb 2014

AIATSIS hosted a special delegation from Switzerland today – to their surprise they discovered a Swiss link to AIATSIS’ work deep in the archives.

School children attend the Sea of Hands outside AIATSIS.

Sea of Hands commemorates Apology anniversary

13 Feb 2014

The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) created a sea of 15,000 hands this week to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the National Apology to Australia’s First Peoples.

Associate Professor James Lance Taylor

Indigenous Studies Conference attracts eminent list of speakers

11 Feb 2014

Lauded author and US political commentator Associate Professor James Lance Taylor will headline a noteworthy list of foremost speakers and thinkers at next month’s National Indigenous Studies Conference in Canberra from 26-28 March 2014.

(L-R) AIATSIS Chair Professor Mick Dodson, Binninj ceremonial elder Ronald  Lamilami, Australian film maker Kevin Lucas and Yolngu ceremonial elder Djakapurra Munyarryun at Reconciliation Place in Canberra

Canberra to host sacred Kakadu Aboriginal Ceremony

4 Feb 2014

Canberra will host the re-enactment of an ancient Aboriginal Bone Ceremony that has never before been performed off country. It was originally performed as part of the final funerary rite for traditional owners of the Bunitj clan estate in...


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Taylor welcomes appointment to Lowitja Board

9 Dec 2013

AIATSIS Principal, Russell Taylor has welcomed his appointment to the Lowitja Institute Board of Directors. The appointment was announced by the Chairperson of the Lowitja Institute Pat Anderson on the 9th of December 2013.

‘Darby’ McCarthy and ASP author Professor John Maynard.

Book celebrates Aboriginal jockeys in the 'Sport of Kings'

6 Nov 2013

"Every Aboriginal jockey throughout the history of Australian racing can be held up high as a beacon of Aboriginal achievement in a very intense, competitive and physically demanding sport," notes Professor John Maynard, author of 'Sport of Kings...