Melbourne Dreaming - A guide to important places of the past and present

Monday, 1 September 2014
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Melbourne remains one of Australia’s most visited cities yet many travellers never discover the cities' rich and complex Aboriginal heritage.

In the fully updated and revised second edition of Melbourne Dreaming (Aboriginal Studies Press), author and local walking tour operator Meyer Eidelson provides readers with an authoritative travel guide to thirty six local sites of both historical and contemporary Aboriginal significance, helpfully divided into seven precincts.

Produced in consultation with local Aboriginal groups, historical sites featured include the Birrarung (Yarra) art and heritage walk, Federation Square & Southbank, Merri Creek, Fitzroy Aboriginal History Trail, Melbourne General Cemetery, Collins Settlement & Nepean Peninsula. Local beaches, parklands, camping grounds, city buildings and sites of colonial contact are all explored and their historical importance explained.

Designed for guided tours and self-guided walks (ranging from 30mins to a whole day), the book provides key travel information, detailed maps, illustrations and stories of alternative social history so that readers can gain an understanding of the Aboriginal people’s historical, cultural, social and economic contribution to the city. Melbourne Dreaming is an essential guide for those looking to discover the true history of Melbourne.

Key information

  • Second edition, published due to demand, is completely revised & redesigned
  • Allows readers to plan their own self-guided trips from 30 mins to day-long with maps and travelling instructions
  • Includes thirty-six sites gathered into seven precincts for ease of travel: both physical and cultural
  • Culturally appropriate: compiled in consultation with local Aboriginal groups
  • Proves that Aboriginal history and culture in Melbourne weren’t washed away by decades of colonisation

About the author

Meyer Eidelson has authored more than a dozen books about Melbourne and created this updated edition in consultation with the relevant Aboriginal groups. He runs Melbourne Walks, an award-winning accredited company providing personalised history walks.

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