International membership boosts accessibility to resources

Thursday, 6 August 2020
digitisation activity
Digitisation of print items being undertaken at AIATSIS.

An international membership will enhance the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Islands Studies (AIATSIS) capacity and capability to preserve valuable cultural, social and political material for future generations.

As the world’s largest collection of items related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia, AIATSIS has joined the international Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC).

Membership provides access to worldwide resources, advice and information exchange, while ensuring the AIATSIS is benchmarked against international best practice.

AIATSIS CEO Craig Ritchie says digitisation of the collection is a priority while acknowledging managing this invaluable collection has its unique challenges.

“To ensure items are available now and for future generations, AIATSIS is committed to digitalising material, and this international partnership will only our enhance efforts.

 “Many collection items have been held in antiquated formats or not stored in optimum conditions. We are also working with geographically dispersed groups and individuals who wish to use or still have access to material.”

Founded in 2001, the Digital Preservation Coalition is an international consortium of organisations interested in the preservation of digital information.

The Coalition seeks to secure the preservation of digital resources internationally to secure the global digital memory and knowledge base, while raising awareness of the strategic, cultural and technological challenges in a rapidly changing environment.

Membership is open to all sectors including commercial, cultural heritage, educational, governmental, and research bodies.

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Last reviewed: 6 Aug 2020