Call for submissions to AIATSIS Research Publications

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Spines of past AIATSIS research publications

AIATSIS Research Publications is now accepting submissions from researchers and academics in Australia and internationally whose work has a connection with Australian Indigenous studies.

AIATSIS Research Publications is an imprint of Aboriginal Studies Press, our publishing arm. It was formed in 2011, primarily as a vehicle for disseminating the research work and findings of AIATSIS Research and to provide a forum for new research and ideas in Indigenous studies. With direction and support from a distinguished Publications Advisory Committee, it contributes to the Institute's work of building pathways to share and grow Indigenous knowledge.

Indigenous authorship or collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars is strongly encouraged. We welcome new voices to the conversation.

Our publications include:

  • Papers in the series Land, Rights, Laws: Issues of Native Title;
  • AIATSIS Research discussion papers;
  • Research reports; and
  • Research monographs, books and edited volumes.

Please see Publishing with us for more detail about the areas in which we publish and the types of publications we produce.

AIATSIS Research Publications is open access with ebook editions (ePDF and ePub) available from our website and via online databases and other ebook distributors. We may also publish substantial works (books/monographs) as print editions that are available via our print-on-demand service.

AIATSIS Research Publications will consider longer manuscripts for publication if:

  • They are unique works in the field of Indigenous studies;
  • The research that informs the work contributes to the well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and complies with AIATSIS’ Guidelines for Ethical Research in Australian Indigenous Studies (GERIAS); and
  • They can be accommodated in the publications schedule and budget.

Send your manuscript to

Last reviewed: 16 Mar 2017