The National Native Title Conference 2018 will be co-convened by AIATSIS and the Kimberley Land Council.

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Kimberley Land Council

Kimberley Land Council logo

In 1978, Kimberley Aboriginal people came together to take a stand against the Western Australian Government and an international mining company that wanted to drill for oil on sacred ground. Our mob came from everywhere – they jumped in the back of utes or hitched a ride across the Kimberley to make it to Noonkanbah to protest for Aboriginal land rights. Later that year, the first meeting of the Kimberley Land Council was held at Noonkanbah. The KLC was formed by Kimberley Aboriginal people as a political land rights organisation.

Today, we have grown to become the peak Indigenous body in the Kimberley region working with Aboriginal people to secure native title recognition, conduct conservation and land management activities and develop cultural business enterprises. We are located in the vast Kimberley region of northern Western Australia. Our region is known for its strong and significant Aboriginal culture and heritage that dates back more than 50,000 years. We continue to work to ensure that our land, law, language and culture lives on and continues to be vibrant and long-lasting. We do this by getting back our country, looking after our country and securing our future. The year 2018 will mark 40 years since the Kimberley Land Council’s formation, so it is fitting that we should be co-convening the country’s biggest native title gathering in the Kimberley, north-west WA.

Last reviewed: 10 Apr 2018