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Mirlgirn-ngurru artwork
Original artwork name: Mirlgirn-ngurru

Artwork story

Martha Lee
Artist: Martha Lee

Martha Lee worked with cultural coordinator Dianne Appleby to develop the concept and artwork from the story called 'Mirlgirn-ngurru' which is the great white sea eagle from the saltwater country.

The sea eagle is a magnificent bird that watches over our land and sea, sharing the life and spirit as he travels through our country. His flight displays the strength of beauty and freedom as his wings spread widely and gracefully. He glides across the sky capturing messages in the wind, it is with this we are reminded the pride of our people.

The sea eagle takes in a wide view over the whole of the country and he sees all the people and their different lands and languages. Martha says "when we go fishing we always leave something for Mingirn-rigurru to share our fresh catch from the country with him'.

Artist - Martha Lee

Martha Lee is a Yawuru and Karrijarri woman from Broome in the Kimberley. In 2005 – 2006 she started doing her art at Yawuru Jamdu Resource Centre where her love for art began.

She now works at Mabu Ngan-ga Language Resource Centre as an Artist and Illustrator for children's books and resources for the Yawuru Language Centre. Her passion is to learn Yawuru language and to produce more children's books for the schools for counting, land, sea, country, kinship and Dreamtime stories.

Martha would like to one day teach children to do art. Martha's personal art practice now consists of a variety of printing techniques including block printing and Iino printing on paper and fabric. She is inspired by the country and colours around Broome.

Cultural Coordinator - Dianne Appleby

Dianne Appleby
Cultural Coordinator: Dianne Appleby

My name is Dianne Appleby, (nee: Edgar) I was born on the West Kimberley coast of Broome WA. I come from the saltwater country of the Yawuru and Karrajarri people.

I will share with you my LIYAN. Liyan comes from the Bugarrigarra - our Dreamtime.

The direction and strength I draw from my Liyan demonstrates how my character as an Indigenous woman has stood with pride and dignity.

"Yawuru language has always been in the heart of all Yawuru people. The pride of the Yawuru nation surrounded by the strength of Yawuru language spoken only as their first language. Now, in its current form of revitalisation, and in a modern world, we have implemented teaching methods to support the spoken words. The flow of this language is creative, allowing all who partake of Yawuru to be inspired by its gentle beauty and metier".

I have worked in a number of sectors across the board from Corporate Companies to Government and non-Government agencies including language maintenance and teaching in local schools to the media. My current role at Nyamba Buru Yawuru as Cultural Coordinator, allows me to use my professional experience and cultural knowledge to share the Yawuru story with everyone I meet.

An important part of my cultural responsibility is contributing to community organisations. I sit on the boards for the Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre (KALACC), Broome Aboriginal Music Association (BAMA), Murra Mala Yawuru for the Yawuru community, and the Office of the Inspector of Custodial Services.

Last reviewed: 15 Mar 2018