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Title Presenter/s Date
Ethics workshop program and information Terri Janke 6 Feb 2014
Phantom traditions. Comic books and their influence among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists Dr Gretchen Stolte 26 Feb 2014
Conceptions of giftedness among Canadian Indigenous people Prof Salvatore (Sal) Mendaglio 15 Mar 2014
Conceptualising a Yawuru wellbeing framework Mandy Yap, Eunice Yu 16 Mar 2014
AIATSIS National Indigenous Studies Conference. Program of presentations 18 Mar 2014
The digital repatriation of urban Indigenous history Wayne Deans 22 Mar 2014
Breaking barriers the fifth decade of Indigenous tertiary education Sue Anderson 24 Mar 2014
Different talk for different relatives relationships shown in restored stories from three Gumbayngirr NSW Steve Morelli, Gary Williams, Dallas Walker 24 Mar 2014
Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Cairns QLD Lynell Flinders Lynelle Flinders 24 Mar 2014
Developing a holistic Indigenous learning scape across platforms Henk Huijser 24 Mar 2014
Parental choice of school by Indigenous parents 25 Mar 2014
Thinking Indigenous economy. A brief survey from 1964 to 2014 Jon Altman 25 Mar 2014
Celebrating Indigenous Australian children's languages diversity competence and support Prof Sharynne McLeod, Sarah Verdon 25 Mar 2014
Closing the gap in mental health outcomes do socioeconomic conditions matter? Carrington Shepherd 25 Mar 2014
Ten observations about Indigenous. State Negotiations that may warrant further research Dr Stuart Bradfield 25 Mar 2014
Culture makes you stronger Aboriginal womens voices from the NSW South Coast Marlene Longbottom 25 Mar 2014
Mandating Indigenous education tensions and transformations. Cathie Burgess, Katrina Thorpe 25 Mar 2014
Research Review on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge for Environmental Management Dr Benxiang Zeng, Christine Schlesinger, Rolf Gerritsen 25 Mar 2014
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey results 25 Mar 2014
Beyond decolonising social justice embracing complexity at the knowledge interface Dr Gabrielle Russell-Mundine, Graeme Mundine 25 Mar 2014
Mandating Indigenous education. Tensions and transformations Cathie Burgess, Katrina Thorpe 26 Mar 2014
The successful transition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students into higher education Judith Wilks 26 Mar 2014
The Smoke Ring. Smoking among Indigenous Australians Raglan Maddox, Chanel Webb, Perri Chapman 26 Mar 2014
Caring for country an Indigenous propitious niche in 21st century Australia Dr Dermot Smyth 26 Mar 2014
Difficult dialogues in the discomfort zone. The roles of indigenous and non-indigenous people teaching indigenous studies in universities Dr Chelsea Bond, Dr Katelyn Barney, Associate Prof Susan Page, Associate Prof Sandy O’Sullivan 26 Mar 2014
The Health Performance Framework report Tracy Dixon 26 Mar 2014
Indigenous Studies in the First World: Contested Territory, Cultural Entrapment and Race in the 21st Century Prof Aileen Moreton-Robinson 26 Mar 2014
Evidence and influence Jessica McGowan, Deepa Gajjar 26 Mar 2014
Experiences of institutional racism in the health sector. Scott Avery 26 Mar 2014
Research Methodology. Consulting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Males Dr Michael (Mick) Adams 26 Mar 2014
The 50 year itch – Is indigenous studies still irritating? Prof Linda Tuhiwai Smith 26 Mar 2014
Gambling in Indigenous communities. Engagement, consultation and assessment Sue Bertossa, Alwin Chong, Josh Wilson, Peter Harvey 26 Mar 2014
Building relationships between non-Aboriginal and Nyoongar peoples Margaret O'Connell 26 Mar 2014
50 years creating genuine research partnerships for Aboriginal health Associate Prof Roz Walker, Dr Clair Scrine 26 Mar 2014
Transcending barriers. A trans-cultural and trans-disciplinary perspective of place Dr Andrew Turk 26 Mar 2014
50 years who owns it 26 Mar 2014
Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Cairns QLD Tommy Pau Robert (Tommy) Pau 26 Mar 2014
Listen now our words matter Kerry Reed-Gilbert, Samantha Faulkner, Lisa Fuller 26 Mar 2014
A personal journey with Aboriginal studies WH (Bill) Edwards 26 Mar 2014
Cultural identity and wellbeing for Maori and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians Carla Houkamau 26 Mar 2014
Achieving information equity for native title holders Pamela Faye McGrath 26 Mar 2014
Cultural immersion the key to the next 50 years Cathie Burgess, Dr Paddy Cavanagh 26 Mar 2014
Living with native title. An overview of the experiences of native title corporations Joe Mowandi (Joseph) Edgar, Claire Stacey, Geoff Buchanan 26 Mar 2014
Mobilising Indigenous human rights the UNPFII and the roles of Australian Indigenous Sarah Holcombe 26 Mar 2014
Challenging current understandings about the introduction of gambling to remote Aboriginal communities in Northern Australia Marisa Fogarty 27 Mar 2014
The birds and the bees. Issues translating an Aboriginal song text from north-west Australia Dr Michael Walsh 27 Mar 2014
Breaking through barriers in Australian Indigenous Studies Prof Martin Nakata 27 Mar 2014
Indigenous policy perceptions. An analysis of parliamentary Hansard from 1961 to 2012 Juliet Checketts 27 Mar 2014
Contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Cairns QLD Cheryl Creed 27 Mar 2014
Languages and education. National curriculum Dr Doug Marmion, Dr Michael Walsh 27 Mar 2014
Voice and Agency. The promise of process for Indigenous Agency Dr Annie Kennedy, Dr Janet Hunt, Danielle Campbell 27 Mar 2014
Program of data linkage and data improvement at the AIHW to enhance Indigenous identification in key data sets Tetteh Dugbaza, Brendan Scott, Deanne Johnson 27 Mar 2014
Looking beyond historical museum frameworks to reveal the knowledge, history, stories and personal identities. Rosemary Wrench 27 Mar 2014
Australian Aboriginal tourism an opportunity but keep the culture intact Dennis Foley 27 Mar 2014
Means to ends integration for stakeholder engagement Prof Anita Lee Hong, Larissa Melanie, Dr Deb Duthie, Dr Odette Best 27 Mar 2014
Winnunga 1988 to 2014. Breaking the Barriers in Aboriginal Research and Services Julie Tongs (OAM) 27 Mar 2014
Transformative research and knowledge translation to improve Aboriginal health and wellbeing Tammy Abbott 28 Mar 2014
Policy influences affecting the food practices of Aboriginal Australians since colonisation Tarunna Sebastian 28 Mar 2014
Caring for Country, an Indigenous propitious niche in 21st century Australia Dr Dermot Smyth 28 Mar 2014
Taking Intercommunalism Seriously: Black Power, Indigeneity, and Peoples’ Struggles for Recognition and Anti-Racist democracy Prof James Lance Taylor 28 Mar 2014
The Race Bind. Explaining the Resistance to Constitutional Recognition Prof Maggie Walter 28 Mar 2014
Looking and talking about Research Tauri Simone 28 Mar 2014
Understanding the barriers to a sustainable Indigenous tourism sector Dr Lisa Ruhanen, Dr Michelle Whitford, Dr Char-Lee McLennan 28 Mar 2014
Alternative dissemination - How should we share our research Associate Prof Sandy O’Sullivan 28 Mar 2014
Research Data Management Policy Ingrid Mason 28 Mar 2014
Being there: Why is fly in fly out research failing remote Aboriginal Australians Dr Jan Teagle Kapetas 28 Mar 2014
Land learning and identity toward a deeper understanding of Indigenous learning on Country. Alexandra Muir 14 Apr 2014
Conceptualising a Yawuru wellbeing framework 16 Apr 2014
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