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Pallottine Mission student records - Tardun, WA


CollectionReserves and missionsArchives and archiving

5 Jun 2019 Cathy Zdanowicz

In July 2017, the Pallottines donated a collection of material to AIATSIS relating to the Mission, hostel and school that had been operating in Tardun, WA, from 1948 to 2004.  A portion of this collection included the student files that had been kept and maintained in relation to Aboriginal children who had been staying in the hostel and attending the school.

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The Bennelong Letter – Voice of a Wangal Diplomat

The Bennelong Letter

CollectionArchives and archivingLanguageHistory

21 Aug 2017 Rita Metzenrath

The AIATSIS Collection holds a very precious copy of what is considered to be the first known use of written English by an Aboriginal Australian.

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Revitalising and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge

Archives and archivingResearch

16 Jun 2017 Dr Tran Tran, Nell Reidy

AIATSIS staff travelled to the Kiwirrkurra community to run the first workshop of a pilot project – ‘Keeping the Desert Stories Alive’

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Spying on the AIATSIS Collections: Going undercover with the Nagra Série Noir

Nagra Série Noir

Archives and archiving

27 Oct 2016 Isabella Edquist

How does it feel to hold a real piece of cold war spy equipment in your hands? For our skilled audio technicians, it’s all in a day’s work.

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Arthur Capell and language codes

Capell, A. 1963. Linguistic Survey of Australia. AIAS

Indigenous Australian LanguagesIndigenous languagesLinguisticsArchives and archivingAustralia’s heritage – The AIATSIS Collections

11 Oct 2016 Dr Kazuko Obata

For many years, AIATSIS has been looking after Arthur Capell’s archive of over 230 reels that contain language recordings.

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Archival finding aids and discoverability

Tasaku Tsunoda

Indigenous Australian LanguagesArchives and archivingAustralia’s heritage – The AIATSIS Collections

5 Oct 2016 Fiona Blackburn

Archives, or manuscript collections, form over time.  In the process, a structure develops, a shape which reflects the way the content has been created and organised.  

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Introducing the Family History Unit

The Family History Unit, (L-R) PJ, Judy, Narelle and Kayannie

Family historyFamilyHistoryArchives and archiving

12 Aug 2016 Family History Unit

The Family History Unit has recently been re-established at AIATSIS.

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