How to search the ABI

For a demonstration of an ABI search have a look at the tutorials about how to use the Mura® collections catalogue. Select the 'Searching for names...' tutorial under Mura® tutorials.



When searching for a personal name put in the surname first followed by the first name

In our example of Cathy Freeman, we have put her surname first in the search box

When searching for a language group if you are not sure of the spelling for a language go to the AIATSIS thesauri.

A thesaurus is list of agreed terms for language, place and subject that are used in the AIATSIS Mura® Collections Catalogue

Requesting photocopies of material in the ABI

You can request a copy of items referred to in the ABI by contacting AIATSIS Collections. There will be a charge for this service – see ordering collection items for more information on the copying services provided by AIATSIS.

Last reviewed: 8 Apr 2015