Quentin Bryce

Quentin Bryce, Former Governor General

I commend you on this significant milestone, printing stories and writing copy that embodies the state of Indigenous affairs in Australia. During 20 years of publishing, you have displayed professionalism and vigour while highlighting issues of national importance; reconciliation, the promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, and the continued progress towards closing the gap. I praise and admire you for your valued, and continuing, contribution to our society; championing the voice of Indigenous Australians. I hope you have a wonderful celebration.

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia

In a spirit of respect and reconciliation, I warmly congratulate the staff and readers of the Koori Mail on the publication of the 500th edition of the newspaper and its 20th anniversary. The Koori Mail is an important source of news and information on the events that affect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. From the first publication in 1991, it has been recognised as a ‘voice of Indigenous Australians’, sharing Indigenous culture and history with all Australians, and speaking out on issues that demand public attention. I also commend the support you have given Australia’s Indigenous population, via your newspaper, by directing profits towards sponsorships, scholarships and other worthwhile projects that assist in providing a better future for Indigenous people. I would like to take this opportunity to wish the paper every success in the future and extend my best wishes to all staff and readers of the Koori Mail.

Rhonda Dixon/Grovenor and family, Sydney.

On behalf of the Dixon/Grovenor family, thank you to the staff of Koori Mail and the Bundjalung nation for giving us – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – the opportunity to share our stories. I can remember when the newspaper first came out – it was just so deadly to have our own newspaper. My father Dr Charles ‘Chicka’ Dixon lived for his people. He travelled the world talking about the plight of the Aboriginal people, advocating for human rights and social justice. He was an avid reader of the Koori Mail and contributed any articles to it. Over the years, four generations of our family – my father Chicka, myself, my daughter Nadeena Dixon and my grandson Marley Dixon/Grovenor (aka Tweek) – have all been part of the Koori Mail journey and I’m sure our fifth generation will also contribute. For the past 20 years, you have made it possible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to share their stories and have a voice. Congratulations. You’re just too deadly.

Jenny Macklin

Hon. Jenny Macklin MP

My congratulations to the board, staff and supporting communities of Koori Mail on the occasion of your 500th edition and 20 years dedicated service as the voice of Indigenous Australia. As an independent, 100 per cent Indigenous-owned paper, yours is a wonderful story of partnership – of communities working together to tell their stories to the nation. I applaud the Koori Mail for your commitment to consistently deliver a quality newspaper and to invest back into your own communities. Your story is an inspiration to Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike. Congratulations on your achievement of 500 editions and 20 years in the newspaper industry and my best wishes for your continued success.

Harold Hunt JP, 85-year-old descendant of the Maliangaapa people of far western NSW
Totem: Gnaamba Bony bream fish)

I am sorry that I will not be able to attend this celebration of a wonderful media service. I have never been a newspaper person but after seeing a few of the early editions of the Koori Mail I decided that here was a truly responsible newsworthy paper. It covered everything, sport, art, music, humour, politics and peoples views in letters to the editor in a very unbiased way. That is why I was a contributor for so long, even though I have slowed down considerably and became involved in many other things these days. I'm sure this Aboriginal owned news provider will continue to expand as time goes by. Congratulations and good travelling for the future

Shaun Choolburra

Shaun Choolburra, Sydney.

Congrats Koori Mail, for your 20th anniversary and 500th edition. Take care and stay deadly.




Barry O'FarrellHon. Barry O'Farrell MP

It is with pleasure that I send my best wishes to all those involved in the production of the Koori Mail on this historic milestone. The Koori Mail is an integral organisation that consistently reports and informs the community of local and national events. This newspaper has grown to become an important organ in providing comprehensive news and current affairs from the broader community to the Indigenous community of Australia. In providing comprehensive news and current, the newspaper has effectively brought Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents, local businesses and Australian society closer together; creating social unity and harmony.

I would like to commend the Indigenous community for their ongoing efforts to actively participate and contribute to the broader Australian community. The sharing of Indigenous culture promotes the recognition of traditions and adds to the multicultural tapestry of NSW. I congratulate those behind the Koori Mail for their continued efforts in the community and the publishing of the newspaper’s 500th edition on this 20th anniversary.


Linda BurneyHon. Linda Burney, MP


Congratulations to everyone at the Koori Mail. What a fantastic achievement – 20 years and 500 editions. I, like many others, have been an avid reader since your very first edition. It’s the first place I go to read about Aboriginal news and views across the country and I so enjoy looking at the wonderful photographs. Here’s to the next 500.


Adam GileHon. Adam Giles, MLA.

Congratulations on your 500th edition, Koori Mail. You are a staple of information for so many Australians and a leading example of what can be achieved by Aboriginal people in terms of business. You have touched so many people’s lives whether it be reconnecting with family or applying for a job that is found in your paper. I look forward to your next 500 editions.



Clover Moore

Clover Moore MP. Lord Mayor of Sydney

The 500th edition of the Koori Mail is a milestone of national importance. For 20 years, this iconic paper has been a source of news for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities throughout Australia. Koori Mail represents a significant achievement for the Aboriginal community groups who began it years ago, and have built it in to an indispensable Indigenous and media institution. A pioneering media enterprise and a champion for Indigenous issues, Koori Mail has much to celebrate on this anniversary. I congratulate Koori Mail on its 20th year and 500th edition, and I look forward to their continued good work.


Rhonda French, Aboriginal Project Worker, Tumut NSW.

Congratulations! As a worker in rural Aboriginal communities, I rely on the Koori Mail to keep me informed of both state and national events. Keepin’ us connected.


Fiona Byrne

Fiona Byrne Former& Mayor of Marrickville Sydney

Congratulations on reaching your 20-year anniversary and publishing your 500th edition. I would like to extend my appreciation to all the staff, past and present, who have worked on the Koori Mail. You have contributed in making it a vibrant, informative and entertaining read that most importantly gives voice to Indigenous issues.


Sam Jeffries & Josephine Bourne. Co-Chairs - National Congress of Australia's First Peoples

Numbers have profound meaning to peoples across the world. Today we celebrate 20 years of publishing and 500 editions of the Koori Mail. On behalf of the National Board, staff and as 1st Nations people - we congratulate you. We know that many, many committed individuals have worked for what is one of the longest running records of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander struggle and survival. We believe you can proudly justify your claim as ‘The Voice of Indigenous Australia’. Over twenty years, tens of thousands of stories have been printed on your pages along with strong, beautiful pictures of our families and communities. Without the Koori Mail these yarns and images, both amazing and at times tragic, would have otherwise been invisible and untold. Self-determination is a core belief for our people. The Koori Mail embodies the best that it can achieve – a newspaper Aboriginal owned and run, profitable and respected. The Congress aspires to the same success and looks forward to the current generation of our members and the ones to come, enjoying the pride of seeing their voices and faces in the pages of the Koori Mail.

Graeme Neate. Former President of National Native Title Tribunal

Congratulations on publishing 500 editions of the Koori Mail. Thanks for the extensive coverage of native title issues – through articles, columns and public notices – letting people know about achievements, changes to the law, native title claims and Indigenous land use agreements. The National Native Title Tribunal recently registered the 500th ILUA, so we know what it is like to celebrate an important 500th event. All the best for the future.


​Michael Coutts-Trotter, Secretary of the New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services.

We congratulate you and your team on your wonderful milestone – the 500th edition of the Koori Mail. Over the years, your publication has promoted many innovative teaching and learning programs of the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET), that aim to close the gap in opportunity and achievement between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students. Along the way you have shared, with your readers, the many success stories of Aboriginal students in NSW public education and training. The NSW AECG and DET have forged a formal partnership agreement to strengthen the working together of Aboriginal communities and DET to achieve common goals set in consultation and negotiation with Aboriginal communities. We’re pleased that the Koori Mail has recognised the pride we share in working to ensure the NSW public education and training system is one that values and promotes Aboriginal languages and culture, heritage and identity, and we look forward to your publication’s ongoing support. Once again, congratulations.

Mick Gooda. Commissioner for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice.

The Koori Mail had been our voice for two decades. Keeping the issues on the radar and exploring them from virtually every perspective has ensured that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around Australia have had access to the information that impacts on us and the developments that have changed our lives. Article 16 of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples spells out clearly that Indigenous peoples have the right to establish their own media in their own languages and to have access to forms of non-Indigenous media without discrimination. The Koori Mail has been bringing this article to life for 20 years. I congratulate the Koori Mail on its 500th edition and 20th anniversary. I thank its team for their significant contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and look forward to the continued quality journalism of the Koori Mail for the next 500 issues.


Kristy Masella, Sydney NSW

Happy 20th Anniversary and 500th edition to the deadliest newspaper in Australia - The Koori Mail! Forget about pushing a button, clicking a mouse or turning a dial for news…when you can sit back, put the feet up and open the bold pages of the Koori Mail, for the best stories, insights and photography on the issues that matter to our people.


Dr Jakelin Troy. Director of AIATSIS Research, Indigenous Social and Cultural Wellbeing.

The Koori Mail is deadly. I couldn't live without it - best source of news in Australia! Congratulations on your anniversary. I hope you keep going for at least the next 1000 years! Thanks for your great service.


Prof Mick Dodson. Co-Chair of Reconciliation Australia.


Congratulations to the Board and staff of the Koori Mail on reaching your 500th edition and 20 years of publishing. You provide an opportunity for all Australians to learn more about the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the issues that are important to us. As a 100% Aboriginal owned and controlled newspaper with national coverage, you have truly become the voice of Indigenous Australia.

Leah Armstrong. Chief Executive of Reconciliation Australia.

Reconciliation Australia congratulates the Koori Mail on 20 years of outstanding reporting. Through your pages, you excel in breaking down negative stereotypes by promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander diversity, success, and achievement that all Australians can be proud of—key ingredients for reconciliation. You are the embodiment of a successful self-determining Aboriginal business and we wish you all the best with this, your 500th edition, and the many editions to come.


Z&M, Mackay Qld

Congratulations Koori Mail...here's to another 20 years to come...and your 500th edition. You have given us inspiration and insights to our modern and historical Australia through your stories from the hearts and eyes of other Murris, Kooris, Yolngu and Noongar nations – a message stick for us. Too deadly and thanks again.

Jim Morrison and Tina Louise

Jim Morrison & Tina Louise. Co-Chairs Of Stolen Generations Alliance (SGA)

Congratulations to all at the Koori Mail. We from the Stolen Generations Alliance (SGA) are thrilled at your achievements. The Koori Mail should be essential reading for all Australians, and we should encourage, all Australians to read our news. We and other members of the Stolen Generations will be attending the Koori Mail Twenty500 celebrations in Sydney and are looking forward to this milestone. We’re also looking forward to reading many more editions of this wonderful, 'mooditj' publication. Keep up the terrific work.&



Rod Stroud. Library Director of AIATSIS.

Thanks for entertaining me, engaging me and most of all educating me – through the Koori Mail's reporting on the stories, issues and events of the last 20 years. It has been and will always be a great read. Congratulations on the 500th edition landmark. Just keep on being the ‘voice of Indigenous Australia’

Ray Jackson

Ray Jackson. President of Indigenous Social Justice Association


Twenty/500 is indeed a milestone worthy of real congratulation. Your coverage over 20 years has kept us informed and entertained. Your black politics is renowned. Looking forward to another 20 years and 500 editions.


Indigenous Social Justice Association. Melbourne

Congratulations to everyone involved in the Koori Mail as you celebrate not only the momentous occasion of your 20th anniversary but also the publication of the 500th edition in May. Indigenous Social Justice Association (ISJA) Melbourne wishes you well as you continue to get the real stories – and real truth – of our history out to your readers as so much of our mainstream media seems to operate under the motto of ‘don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story’. In light of this, Koori Mail has an increasingly important role to play not only in 2011 but also in the years ahead. Stay strong and keep delivering us the real news! We need the truth about the death of TJ Hickey, the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee, justice for Mr Ward, and other Aboriginal deaths in custody. We also need the lifting of the political gag on inspirational freedom fighters such as Lex Wotton.


Alison Thorne. Melbourne Branch Organiser of Freedom Socialist Party

The Freedom Socialist Party sends hearty congratulations to everyone at the Koori Mail as you celebrate the publication of your 500th issue this May. This is indeed a wonderful achievement. Over the last 20 years as you have been reporting community news and movement battles, we have been on the front lines of these battles, including supporting land rights, working with the NSW Asbestos ex-Miners Aboriginal Corporation to demand compensation and health care for Indigenous miners at Baryulgil, standing shoulder to shoulder with Ngarrindjeri women to oppose the construction of the racist Hindmarsh Island bridge, demanding an apology with compensation for the Stolen Generations, agitating for a treaty, and opposing the NT Intervention and the BasicsCard. We appreciate many things about the Koori Mail including good news stories about both movement wins and Indigenous achievements, comprehensive news from around the country, a lively letters page, interesting feature articles, and coverage of community events including photo spreads. What we value most of all is your willingness to cover grass roots struggles and not just the pronouncements of politicians, bureaucrats and big names. May you have another 20 years and another 500 issues reporting on movement and community battles and victories! In solidarity.

Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman. Catherine Freeman Foundation

WHAT an amazing achievement. The Koori Mail sprang from the dreams and passions of a few and has spread the word to many. It has been a vehicle for the inspirations, aspirations and, at times, the complications of Indigenous life. Most sincere congratulations on 20 years and 500 editions. Enjoy well-earned good times at your gala dinner.



Ricky Lyons. Chairperson of Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council Redfern NSW.

On behalf of the Board, Staff and members of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, we congratulate all those involved with the production of the Koori Mail, and celebrate with you. We are very proud of our Aboriginal controlled newspaper that provides us with very important news stories that affect our daily lives as Aboriginal people in Australia.


Warren Mundine

Warren Mundine. Chair of Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce.

It’s with great pleasure that I write to congratulate all the hardworking staff at the Koori Mail for 20 years of dedication to telling our mob’s stories. Five hundred editions is an incredible achievement and can only lead onwards to greater success. I wish you the very best in the future.



Gary Oliver and Gerry Moore. Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Ltd

Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Ltd congratulates the Koori Mail on its great track record of presenting news and analysis on vitally important issues to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We look forward to your efforts over the coming 20 years and state our desire to work cooperatively with you.

Michael Bell, Chairperson of NTSCORP Ltd.

NTSCORP Ltd congratulates the Koori Mail on two decades of service to our community. We recognise your commitment to our people and to making sure our stories are heard. Here’s to another 20 deadly years!

Jason Glanville

Jason Glanville. CEO of National Centre of Indigenous Excellence.

On behalf of the board and staff of the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE), I would like to congratulate you on your 20th anniversary and 500th edition – what a remarkable achievement! For 500 editions, Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians nationwide have looked to the Koori Mail to keep them informed of the contemporary issues and news impacting their lives. As we reflect upon the success of the Koori Mail’s past, we look forward to an even more impressive future; one where the successes and achievements of our people are given a voice through your publication. The entire Centre is wishing you all the best for the next 500 issues and beyond. Congratulations once again!


Stephen Page and all at Bangarra Dance Theatre.


Congratulations and big thanks to Koori Mail. Keep strong and keep up the great work in bringing our black perspective to the world.

Charles Prouse


Charles Prouse. CEO of National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA)

Congratulations on your 500th edition and the many more to come. Thank you for supporting the community and NASCA, specifically, by showcasing our kids as they shine. Through the Koori Mail we have reached much of our mob with the message that a healthy life can produce winners in every aspect of life in any part of the country.

Jeff McMullenJeff McMullen. CEO (Honorary) Ian Thorpe's Fountain for Youth. Director AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience).Trustee Jimmy Little Foundation. Director Indigenous Engineering Aid Australia Summer School.

It's a blue sky day out in the heartland. I can't be with you there to celebrate the Koori Mail's 20-year and 500-edition milestone but, as an old storyteller, I know that getting out the truth is a huge part of maintaining belief in custodianship, community and family, those values that will always sustain us. Congratulations, keep passing on the stories, and my love and best wishes to you all.



Norma Ingram. Wiradjuri woman. Chairperson, Wyanga Aboriginal Aged Care Program, Redfern NSW.

Happy twenty-500 birthday Koori Mail. I have been an avid reader of the Koori Mail since its first edition. It’s good to see an independent publication showcasing Aboriginal people, communities and our culture in a positive light; something that is not often repeated in most other Australian publications. One of the Aboriginal cultural perspectives that Koori Mail provides is information on the Aboriginal kinship system in that it shows Aboriginal family groups and where they come from.

You look at photographs, read the surnames and know exactly what part of the country they’re from and who their families are. It’s also a great way to catch up on what is happening around the country with the current events information as well as individual stories. I am happy and proud to say that I, and members of my family kinship have been represented in the Koori Mail on a number of occasions.

Keep up the good work, the stories, the photographs and the advertisements. My great grandchildren will be reading the Koori Mail with pride in many years to come and looking for their photo in your newspaper. 


Neale Price

Neale Price. Community Participation Manager of Cricket Australia.

What a wonderful dual achievement of 20 years and your 500th edition of the Koori Mail. Cricket Australia congratulates you on reaching and celebrating these milestones but we also thank you ever so much for assisting the Indigenous cricket community across Australia to celebrate its successes through the pages of your wonderful paper. Sport and communities need support to get their messages out, and to help promote and recognise the great achievements of individuals, teams and communities – whether it be at International, national, State and Territory, or club/community level – and the Koori Mail has been doing this for 20 years. Cricket Australia is proud to be involved with the Koori Mail, and we look forward to our continued relationship through the next 20 years, and the next 500 editions.


Metro Screen Sydney

Metro Screen Sydney.

Metro Screen congratulates the Koori Mail on 20 years and 500 editions. The Koori Mail is a living national treasure, having documented a stunning diversity of news, stories and ideas – providing a unique snapshot of who we are and what matters. The need for independent and constructive voices is as critical now as ever. We look forward to working with you over the next 20 years. Happy birthday. 


Chris Graham. Managing Editor of Tracker Magazine.

I’m writing to congratulate Kirstie and the team on reaching the amazing milestone of 500 editions. As the founding editor of the National Indigenous Times, I know from personal experience it’s no mean feat. I’m proud to say I’ve been a Koori Mail reader for more than a decade, much of that, admittedly to find out what the competition was up to. But that’s the thing about the Koori Mail - you always kept NIT on its toes (and sometimes sat us on our arse). I’ve genuinely enjoyed watching the Koori Mail grow from strength to strength – I’m a lover of newspapers, competition or otherwise. I hope to be able congratulate you on edition 1000 some day. 

Rhianna Patrick

Rhianna Patrick. Presenter/Producer of Speaking Out, ABC Local Radio (national).

Congratulations on reaching 20 years and your 500th edition! The Koori Mail has played a vital role in making sure that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective is represented in the print media and in training our print journalists of the future. It’s fantastic that an Aboriginal owned and run paper has been supported for the last two decades. I look forward to the next 20 years and keep up the great work. 



Heather Stewart. Indigenous Voice Project Leader. University of Queensland.

University students from Queensland's University of Queensland, QUT and Griffith are grateful to the Koori Mail for sharing its knowledge in how to cover Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues. The commitment to be representative of the people for the people and honour the code of journalism professionalism at the same time is evident in this publication. The Koori Mail is a flagship newspaper, the voice of the people and should be celebrated. Here's to the next milestone. Supported by a fantastic, committed editorial team, the paper is in good hands for the future. Congratulations. 

Gavin JonesGavin Jones. Former Managing Director of Vibe Australia.

Vibe Australia congratulates you on 20 years of publishing and 500 editions – it’s a milestone that deserves celebrating! Of course, the celebrations are not just about today but about yesterday’s struggles and triumphs. The journey from the beginning to now and a fortnightly readership of more than 90,000 people took time, dedication and hard work. The celebrations should also take into account the Koori Mail’s journey from the beginning when the Bundjalung community acquired the newspaper shortly after it began, making it wholly Indigenous owned and truly the voice of our people. Starting a newspaper requires effort, but sustaining and building it towards a number one position is another matter. The Koori Mail is now no less than an Indigenous community icon and this is a tribute to its past and present staff and its Bundjalung community owners. The Koori Mail is a giver not a taker – it delivers real benefits to the local Bundjalung community and to Indigenous people across Australia. The Koori Mail has been a friend to Vibe Australia – helping us to get the word out when the Deadly Awards are on and in promoting our many events and festivals for young people across Australia – and we are with you wholeheartedly in celebrating Twenty/500. Congratulations.


Joyce Clague MBE.(with Colin and the family Clague) Yaegl Lands, Clarence Valley NSW.

Congratulations, Koori Mail, on your achievements over the past 20 years and our best wishes for the future as you embrace the challenges of electronic media communication into the future. I am especially proud that Nungera Co-operative is one of the shareholders of the Koori Mail. Nungera Co-op, of which I was the founding Secretary Manager, was itself formed 36 years ago this May under a tree at Hillcrest at Maclean. I have just re-read the final sentences of the first annual report I wrote for Nungera in 1976. Perhaps its sentiments can be applied to the 20 years of the life of Koori Mail too: "There has been a lot of hard work, some difficult times and some sad times…But let us look frankly at our considerable achievements, let us remember the good things we have done, the good times we have had and most of all that nothing worthwhile is achieved without a struggle."

Kay Mundine

Kaye Mundine, Sydney

Good on yas! Growing up in the ‘bad old days’ in northern NSW, I never thought such an action would happen. ‘What? What! Aboriginal people running their own newspaper?’ So proud of you mob. Many more editions to come, I hope to live long enough to see it.




Colin & Melissa Markham, Figtree NSW.

What a great achievement. I can still remember the very first edition of the Koori Mail and have received every edition since. I believe that the Koori Mail has told and continues to tell the real story of the First Australians and the issues that they confront, not just the negatives or the warm fuzzy stories like the national media. There’s an old saying ‘seek and you will find’ and the Koori Mail is a great source of information. The range of articles – from national headlines to sport, letters to the editor, views on every subject from leading and outspoken community members – are a great education. Back in 1991 when the first edition was published, I was the Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs in the Carr Opposition and in 1995 I became the Parliamentary Secretary for Aboriginal Affairs. Over 14 years in Aboriginal Affairs, I learned so much information from visiting Aboriginal communities throughout NSW, talking to Elders and communities members and reading the Koori Mail. When I finished in Parliament in March 2003, I made sure that this great publication was delivered to my home every fortnight, enabling me and my family to keep up with what’s happening in Aboriginal Australia. The Koori Mail has proven what can be achieved with a dedicated team. Congratulations to everyone involved in its production and distribution over the past 20 years. I hope you continue to report on issues without fear or favor, bring great joy and prompt discussion and debate not only in your communities but in the broader community.

Fetina Lotoaniu, Sydney NSW

I am Torres Strait Islander person and have two kids and am studying at the University of Sydney. I am writing to congratulate the newspaper as it is a reminder for all Indigenous and non-Indigenous people how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have gained knowledge and access on communications and media since the arrival of white settlement. The newspaper is very informal, has brilliant editing and reviews and inspires a lot of people to related messages on perceptions, ideology and concepts in Indigenous communities. I have really enjoyed your services and am proud to tell my children about the newspaper and what it offers for our people. Thank you for your service and many blessings for the future.

Kate Marshall, Media Adviser for Australian Red Cross.

What a change it is for me, a mainstream reader, to read the Koori Mail and find some real stories about Aboriginal people and others. Keeping on doing what you do and may you go from strength to strength.

Friends of Australian Rock Art (FARA) Inc. West Perth WA

Well done on the achievement of surviving 20 years as a proud newspaper and so many thousands of years as a proud race! From all in the west fighting to protect rock art.


Rachel SiewertSenator Rachel Siewert

Congratulations on 500 issues of the Koori Mail – I hope we will see 500 more! Keep up the good work and excellent reporting.


Jens-Uwe Korff, CreativeSpirits

What would I do without the Koori Mail? It is my main source to digest information about Aboriginal Australia which I then work into articles on my website, which many students visit to learn about Aboriginal culture. Thank you so much for publishing about contemporary Aboriginal Australian life.

Kay Gehan, Darwin NT.

Congratulations on your 20th anniversary, Koori Mail! What a great forum it has been for our entire mob. From city to country and way out bush, you have kept us in the know, given us moving and amusing stories, challenged us to think about who we are and made us feel proud of the achievements of so many of our mob at all levels. Best wishes for the next 20 years. Well done!