Soldiers today

Today, in the Australian Army, the highest numbers of Indigenous soldiers are found in the Northern Regional Force Surveillance Units (NRFSU), these being;

  • NORFORCE (North Force) based in the Northern Territory
  • Pilbara Regiment of Northern Western Australia
  • 51 Far North Queensland Regiment (FNQR).
  • Charlie Company of 51 FNQR, based in the Torres Strait, maintains the strong ties between the Torres Strait Islander communities and the Australian Army which were formed during the dark days of World War Two.
  • One very unique dance held by members of 51 FNQR is the "Steyr Dance" where dancers use the Australian Service Rifle, the F88 "Austeyr" in combination with a traditional dance. This special dance is performed rarely.
  • I am one of about half a dozen Aboriginal diggers that of I know of in my regiment (Royal New South Wales Regiment - Infantry).