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FOREVER WARRIORS : this book honours all Western Australian Indigenous men & Women who served in all conflicts

Jan (Kabarli) James

Northam, W.A. : J. James, 2010
553 pages
ISBN: 9780959413526 (pbk.)
AIATSIS call number: RB J275.39/F1

"This book honours all Western Australian Aboriginal men and women who served their country in both war and peace."
The results of many years of research are presented in this book which contains photos where available and service information for over 600 service men and women of Western Australia. It also lists the names of all those considered suitable for the Labour Corps.

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NORMAN BAIRD : a Spark within

Written by Kathleen Denigan
Narration by Caden Pearson

Cairns, Qld. : Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation, 2006
81 pages + 1 CD-ROM
ISBN: 0958054223
AIATSIS call number: B D394.46/N1

Wonderfully illustrated biography of Norman Baird from Far North Queensland. Norman and his brother Charles served in World War One and Norman also enlisted in the Volunteer Defence Corps on 26 April 1943.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Compiled by George Bray
Edited by Kenny Laughton
Researched by Pat Foster

Alice Springs, N.T. : IAD Press, 1995.
21 pages
ISBN: 0949659894
AIATSIS call number: p BRA

Honour roll of Aboriginal servicemen from central Australia for service in World War I and II, Vietnam, Korea and other campaigns; includes testimonies from eight servicemen.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.

FORGOTTEN HEROES : Aborigines at war from the Somme to Vietnam

Alick Jackomos and Derek Fowell

South Melbourne, Vic., Victoria Press , 1993
88 pages
ISBN: 0-72418-456-2
AIATSIS call number: B J125.10/F1

"Without the generosity and encouragement of so many Koories this book would not have been possible. We travelled together recording stories from Aboriginal men and women who have served Australia in times of war" (from the authors). The stories are of Victorian Aboriginal people's experiences in World War One, World War Two, Korea and Vietnam. There is a section on the soldiers of Lake Tyers Mission and information about the war work at Cummeragunga Mission. Also included is a list of Aboriginal servicemen and women provided to the authors. Many of the stories describe the different treatment of Aboriginal people during the war and after.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.

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YUGAMBEH : in defence of our country : mibun wallul mundindehla ngalingah dhagun

Produced by Rory O'Conner
Researched by Ysola (Yuke) Best

Runaway Bay, Qld : Kombumerri Aboriginal Corporation for Culture , 1991
16 pages
AIATSIS call number: p KOM

Produced by Rory O'Conner and researched by Ysola (Yuke) Best this publication gives background information on the erection of a memorial to Aboriginal service men and women from the Yugambah community; life histories; mythology of the Jebbribillum bora ring; activities of the Kombumerri Aboriginal Corporation for Culture; list of Aboriginal service men and women from the region.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Compiled by Don Cameron

Publication info: 1981
Physical descrip: 0.18 metres (1 box)
AIATSIS Call number: MS 2522
Access: Open access - reading. Copying permitted for private study. Not for Inter-Library Loan

Photocopies of correspondence, notes, lists, newspaper clippings and official documents compiled by Senator Don Cameron in a search for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who served in World War I, World War II, Korean campaign, Malaysian campaign and Vietnam War.

Manuscript available at AIATSIS Library.

THE FORGOTTEN : Indigenous Service in the Australian Armed Forces in the 20th Century

Glen Stasiuk

Publication info: 2002
Physical descrip: 58 pages
AIATSIS Call number: MS 4276
Access: Open access - reading. Partial copying & use. Not for Inter-Library Loan

Documents war service of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander servicemen and women in wars and peace keeping missions that the Australian Armed Forces were involved in during the twentieth century
Glen has also written, directed and produced a documentary titled The Forgotten, which screened on Message Stick on 27 April 2003. See

Manuscript available at AIATSIS Library.

TOO DARK FOR THE LIGHT HORSE : Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in the defence forces

Compiled by Judy Crabb
Researched and Written by Judy Crabb, Trevor Geary, Suzy Nunes and Gary Oakley
Edited by Madeleine Chaleyer 1994

85 pages, 2 plastic pockets interfiled containing 27 separate documents; ill., (some col.), ports.
Series Title: (Australian War Memorial Educational Series)
AIATSIS Call number: MS 3416
Access: Open access - reading. Partial copying & use. Not for Inter-Library Loan

Educational material developed for the Museum-in-a-box scheme; includes case studies from the First, Second and Vietnam wars; documents; background historical material and a list of suggested activities for students; case studies profile; William Reginald Rawlings, Douglas Grant, Reginald Saunders, Leonard Waters, Charles Mene, Don Beale, Gary Oakley; suitable for secondary students.

Manuscript available at AIATSIS Library.

A School resource has been developed from this. Click here for details.


Amy McQuire

In National Indigenous Times, Vol. 9, No. 199 (15 April 2010), p. 18-21, ills., ports.
AIATSIS call number: SF 21/5

Feature story on Indigenous service men and women, who have served in every war from the Boer War on.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.

THEY WERE FOREMOST AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS : an oral account of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island soldiers who served in Malaya & Vietnam 1957 - 1967

Colonel O.M. (Max) Carroll (RL) in Aboriginal History

Vol. 16 no. 1-2 1992, p. 99-105
AIATSIS Local call number: S 99/2

An account of nine Aboriginal and Thursday Island soldiers serving in Malaya and Vietnam; includes descriptions of operations and combat.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.

THE EMBARRASSING AUSTRALIAN : the story of an Aboriginal warrior

Harry Gordon

AIATSIS call number: B G663.81/E1
Melbourne : Lansdowne, 1962
172 pages

Biography of Reginald Walter Saunders, Captain in the A.I.F., reared at Lake Condah Mission. Reg Saunders served in the Middle East, Greece, Crete, New Guinea and Korea. Harry Gordon, the author, was a war correspondent in Korea with Saunders. He writes of Saunders' war experiences and civilian life back home.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Shrine of Remembrance travelling exhibition

Tour itinerary for Victoria in 2013 for a travelling exhibition hosted by The Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne.  Organisations interested in hosting the exhibition can contact the Manager, Exhibitions and Collections.

INDIGENOUS SERVICE : investigating the wartime experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from the First World War to the present : a resource for primary schools

Written by Jennet Cole-Adams and Judy Gauld ; contributing researchers: Paola Balla and Mat Jakobi

Canberra : Dept. of Veterans Affairs, 2013.

This book presents six investigations which are aimed at year 6 students. There is background information for teachers, learning sequences and learning activities. A book for secondary students (Years 9 and 10) is also available. Both are available online – see link below.

ISBN: 9781877007767 (paperback)
AIATSIS call number: p COL

Available online at: Department of Veterans Affairs Education Resources.


Report by Charlotte Glennie

PM, 31 May 2010

Charlotte Glennie interviews Dr Dale Kerwin on his research into Aboriginal trackers who were sent to South Africa to act as trackers and bullock drovers and the like during the Boer War.  Kerwin's research suggests that these men, who were not enlisted, were left to their own devices to return to Australia.


Report by Patrick Mitchell

ABC Radio, Ballarat, 12 November 2012

Discusses the research of Mr Peter Bakker on John Robert Searle, an Aboriginal man from Western Australia who served with the Australian Army in the Boer War.   Searle enlisted with the Australian Army in the fourth Western Australian Mounted Infantry.


This Fact Sheet sets out the records that the National Archives of Australia (NAA) holds on the Boer War, and marks which are available on microfilm in NAA offices.  The Fact Sheet does not specifically mention Indigenous people.  It gives a link to the Pre First World War Conflicts Nominal Rolls at the Australian War Memorial website.


David Huggonson

In Land Rights News Vol. 2 no. 17 (February 1990), p. 20, ill.
AIATSIS call number: SF 26.8/1

Article discusses Indigenous affairs in Australia at the time of the Boer War of 1899-1902; notes that Lord Kitchener asked the Australian Prime Minister (Edmund Barton) to send black trackers with future Australian contingents to South Africa; the Commissioner of Queensland Police sent four police trackers for service with the Bloemfontein police.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Darren Coyne

in Koori Mail, no. 528 (13 June 2012), p. 7
AIATSIS call number: SF 21.7/2

There is a plan in Canberra to erect a Boer War memorial; Griffith University academic, Dale Kerwin,
has been researching Indigenous involvement in the Boer War; in 1899 four trackers from Palm Island were sent to the Boer War; Kerwin's research shows more than 60 Indigenous men went to the Boer War, however at the end of the war Aboriginal trackers and soldiers were left behind because of the White Australia policy.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Philippa Scarlett

Macquarie, A.C.T. : Indigenous Histories, 2012, Second edition
166 pages
ISBN: 9780980463842 (pbk.)
AIATSIS call number: B S286.55/A2

This book contains a referenced list of over 800 men of Indigenous heritage who volunteered for service in World War One.  This is accompanied by notes which include comments on locating Indigenous men in service records, reasons for volunteering and the growth of interest in Indigenous service since the 1930s.

The discussion of Indigenous involvement in World War One uses the words of Aboriginal soldiers and community members, contemporary non-Indigenous commentators and newspaper reports.

There are 79 individual and group portraits of Indigenous servicemen.

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THE LOCK FAMILY IN WORLD WAR ONE : How Service Records Contribute to Darug History

Philippa Scarlett

Blacktown, N.S.W. : Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation, 2011. Second edition
136 pages
ISBN: 9780980463835 (pbk.)
AIATSIS Call No.: B S286.55/L2

"This book uses the World War One, AIF service records of members of the Lock and extended family to show the value of these records as a source of information about the group as a family and as Darug people and the traditional owners of the Sydney region"--Provided by publisher.

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Doreen Kartinyeri

[Adelaide]:Aboriginal Family History Project, South Australian Museum and Raukkan Council, 1996
47 pages
ISBN: 0-73080-748-7

Record of 21 Ngarrindjeri men from Raukkan (Point McLeay Mission) and the lower Murray River who volunteered for service in World War One . Includes war service, photographs and some family background.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Rod Pratt

In Sabretache ; Vol. 31, nos. 1-4 (January-December 1990)
AIATSIS call number: p PRA

Discussion of the role of Aboriginal soldiers in the first World War; motives of those who enlisted to defend a democracy they were denied; image of bushman turned soldier and how it applies to Aboriginal servicemen; attempts to redress lack of recognition for the Aboriginal involvement in the armed services; role of Queensland Chief Protector in controlling soldiers and their pay.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.

DEFENDING WHOSE COUNTRY? : Indigenous soldiers in the pacific war

Noah Riseman Lincoln

University of Nebraska Press, c2012.
304 pages
ISBN: 9780803237933 (cloth : alk. paper)
AIATSIS call number: B R595.41/D1
AIATSIS also holds Noah Riseman's PhD on which this book is based at call no. MS 3884

Investigates the role of the Army's Yolngu Northern Territory Special Reconnaissance Unit , who were recruited by Donald Thomson in 1941, with assistance from Raiwalla from western Arnhem Land and Kapiu from the Torres Strait.

Review / buy online,675269.aspx.

HORN ISLAND 1939 - 1945 : a record of the defence of Horn Island during World War Two

By Vanessa Seekee
Photography by Arthur Liberty Seekee

Horn Island, Qld : Vanessa and Arthur Liberty Seekee, 2002
250 pages
ISBN: 1876439858
AIATSIS call number: B S451.85/H1

Detailed history of the defence of Horn Island during World War II; chapter on the Australian Army Units on Horn Island includes the Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion and the impact on social life in the villages because of men's participation in the Battalion. Rates of pay for Torres Strait soldiers. Includes text of some Torres Strait Island songs and nominal rolls listing Murray Islanders, and people from Aurukun, Weipa, Lockhart , Cowal Creek, Yam Island, Yorke island, Naghir & Badu Islands, Coconut Island, Thursday Island, Saibai Island, Dauan Island, Poid, Kubin, Moa Islands, St Paul's Mission, Moa Island, Badu Island, Mabuiag Island, Darnley Island.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.

TORRES STRAIT FORCE 1942 - 1945 : the defence of Cape York - Torres Strait and Merauke in Dutch New Guinea

Reg A. Ball

Loftus [N.S.W.] : Australian Military History Publications, 1996
301 pages
ISBN: 0646207490
AIATSIS call number: BF B187.78/T1

History of the defence of the Torres Strait and Dutch New Guinea during World War II. Includes information on the Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion which was the unit which Indigenous Torres Strait Islanders joined to defend their islands. Also mentions the services of the thirty Aboriginal soldiers from Cowell Creek, Mapoon, Weipa and Aurukun; honour roll; intelligence reports.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Elizabeth Osborne

Canberra : Aboriginal Studies Press for Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, 1997
271 pages
ISBN: 0855753137
AIATSIS call number: B O812.01/T1

Discusses Torres Strait Islander women's experiences during the Pacific War, 1942 to 1945. Includes a look at pre-war life in the Torres Strait living under the Torres Strait Islander Act of 1939. Women and children of the inner islands were evacuated to mainland Australia, residents of the out islands were not evacuated. Describes the bombing of Nurapai (Horn island), recruiting men for war service, account of recruiting men at gunpoint at Masig. Battle of the Coral Sea. Discusses living conditions during the war, receipt of child endowment in 1941 and withholding of moneys by the Department. Also discusses education of children during the war and health services. Proclamation of peace on 15 August 1945 and return of the men. Torres Strait Islands mentioned are  Muralag,  Waiben,  Yeta ,  Keriri, Masig,  Poid ,  Badu, Mer, Saibai Island, Boigu, Poruma , Dauan, Waraber Island, Mabuiag,  Ugar, Nahgi.

Review / buy online at the ASP bookshop.

THE BLACK DIGGERS : Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in the Second World War

Robert A. Hall

Canberra : Aboriginal Studies Press, 1997
228 pages
ISBN: 0855753196
AIATSIS call number: B H178.91/B2

Overview of Indigenous experiences of war service during World War Two. Discusses discriminatory rates of pay and conditions of service, comparison with pre and post war conditions and pay, numbers enlisted. Indigenous servicemen and women received poor recognition for their considerable contribution to the war effort.

Available as an e-book

FIGHTERS FROM THE FRINGE : Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders recall the Second World War

Robert A. Hall

Canberra : Aboriginal Studies Press , 1995
218 pages
AIATSIS call number: S 06.1/AIAS/7H

Contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the defence of Australia with emphasis on the Second World War; Torres Strait Islander Units, military perceptions of possible collaboration with Japanese; discriminatory pay scales and access to entitlements; wartime experiences of Reg Saunders, Charles Mene, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Saulo Waia, Leonard Waters and Tom Lowah based on interviews.

Available as an e-book from various suppliers.

TORRES STRAIT AT WAR : a recollection of wartime experiences

Prepared by Year 12 Torres Strait Studies Class of Thursday Island State High School

Thursday Island, Qld. : Thursday Island State High School, 1987
52 pages
ISBN: 0731624335
AIATSIS call number: p THU

History of the Torres Strait Islands during World War II. Presents reminiscences of Torres Strait Islanders from the war years. Servicemen; air raids on Horn Island; nominal roll of Torres Strait and Aboriginal ex-servicemen - Torres Strait Defence Force; Merauke; Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion; back pay issues.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Golden Seahorse Productions

[Melbourne] : Golden Seahorse, 1999
AIATSIS Audiovisual Archive holds viewing copy only
Credits: Writer, director, producer, Richard Frankland; producer, John Foss; photography, Peter Zakharov; production design, Margaret Eastgate; editor, Jull Bilcock; sound, Neil McGrath
Performer: David Ngoombujarra; Peter Docker; Glenn Shea; Bob Maza; Christina Saunders; Sam Kirby; Pauline Whyman; Kylie Belling; Rose Kirby
AIATSIS Accession no.: PVM0000244_0001

Filmed in 1999, the film is based on the story of Harry Saunders, who fights for Australia in the South Pacific campaign during the Second World War.

Review DVD / buy online see Video Education Australia

NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF AUSTRALIA SERVICE RECORDS, Attestation Form for Special Forces Raised for Service in Australia or Abroad for Jackson Stewart

Jackson Stewart was 52 when he volunteered for service in World War II, but he lowered his age. This Attestation Form, online at the national Archives of Australia website, says he was born in 1906, when really he was born in 1905. Jackson spent time in Stalag 18A. His story is told in Forgotten Heroes: Aborigines at War from the Somme to Vietnam.

Available online, Courtesy of Alana Garwood-Houng Attestation Form for Special Forces Raised for Service in Australia or Abroad for Jackson Stewart (PDF - 287KB).


AIATSIS call number: p FIR
Unsung Hero
Trish Albert
Port Melbourne, Vic. : Pearson Rigby, 2009
32 pages Series: (First Australians : Plenty stories.)
ISBN: 9781442519633 (hbk.) ISBN: 9780731274468 (pbk)

Written for upper primary students this book tells the story of Eddie Albert who joined the Army in 1940, enlisting in North Queensland. Eddie gives an account of a battle he was in, was captured by the Germans and taken to a number of prison camps in Italy. He returned home safely in 1945, married and had children and was reunited with his brother. Eddie’s story is contextualised in the social history of the time, both before and after the war, including the story of his removal from his mother.

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Jack Davis
Sydney, Currency Press , 1992
ISBN: 0-86819-294-5
AIATSIS call number: B D262.22/I1

First performed by the Marli Biyol Co. and the WA Theatre Co. at the Playhouse, Perth, 22 October 1990, under the title Our Town, returned serviceman, David Millmurra, sees his hopes for the future dashed by the racial intolerance of his home town. Jack Davis based this play on the experience of his brother, Harold Davis, who fought in the Second World War.

Available at AIATSIS Library or a Library near you.

CAPTAIN REG SAUNDERS, MBE : an Aboriginal warrior and Australian soldier

Peter J. Grimshaw, MBE

In Aboriginal History, 1992; v. 16 no. 1-2, p. 85-98, ports.
AIATSIS call number: S 99/2

Account of the military career of Reginald Walter Saunders; includes family background and service in World War II and Korea.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.

[KEN COLBUNG] in Nyungar tradition : glimpses of Aboriginies of South-Western Australia 1829 - 1914

Lois Tilbrook

p. 145
AIATSIS Call number: B T574.25/N1

Ken Colbung joined the army in 1950 and served for nineteen years in Australia and overseas including Korea, attained the rank of sergeant, discharged from army in 1969.

View online at m0022954.pdf.


Ken Boase

In The Aboriginal Independent Newspaper, No. 49 (4 May 2001), p.10, ills., ports.
AIATSIS call number: SF 07.6/1

Len Ogilvie took part in an official Australian delegation to Korea to commemorate those who died in the Korean war.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a Library near you.

KOOEMBA JDARRA Indigenous Performing Arts in association with Queensland Performing Arts Centre : Seems like yesterday

George Bostock

[Milton, Qld?] : Kooemba Jdarra, 2001.
AIATSIS call number: p KOO

Program and poster for Kooemba Jdarra's production of 'Seems like yesterday', a play based on George Bostock's life and experiences during the Vietnam War. Details for the production are:
Seems Like Yesterday
Merivale Street Studio, South Brisbane
17 August 2001 commenced
Kooemba Jdarra / Queensland Performing Arts Centre – Public Programmes
Director: Nadine McDonald
Designer: Alison Ross
Lighting Designer: Jason Organ
Cast: Roxanne McDonald, Bradley Byquar, Ariu Sio, Yalin Ozuculik, Nigel Poulton, Marc Richards, Sean Dennehy
Playwright: George Bostock

Available Online courtesy of Queensland Performing Arts Centre.


In Deadly vibe Iss 97 (2005), p. 4
AIATSIS Call number: S 21/11

The Sapphires is a musical about four young sisters who tour Vietnam to sing Motown to the troops and is based on the experiences of Tony Briggs' mother, Laurel Robinson, who toured Vietnam with her sister in the 60s. The musical has gone on to become the award winning feature film The Sapphires.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you or read online at


K.C. Laughton

Publication info: Alice Springs, N.T. : Jukurrpa Books, 1999
352 pages
ISBN: 1864650060
AIATSIS call number: B L374.65/N1

Novel based on historical events with fictitious characters; Aboriginal youth of nineteen experiences
the war in Vietnam.

Review / buy online

A REMEMBRANCE DAY REFLECTION FROM THE FRONT LINE IN IRAQ : 'Every night i go to sleep and I pray we do not get hit by mortar rounds'

Debra Perkins

in Torres news. (8 November - 14 November 2006), p. 13, ports.
AIATSIS Call number: S 29.4/1

Debra Perkins, whose mother is from Ugar (Stephens Island) in the Torres Strait is a Sergeant in the United States Army, stationed in Iraq. In this article she speaks about the good and the bad of being stationed in Iraq and asks Torres Strait Islanders for prayers and remembrance.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


In Deadly Vibe Issue 103 (2005), p. 18, port.
AIATSIS Call number: S 21/11

Article about a play called Stuff Happens written by David Hare about the war in Iraq; actors include Leah Purcell (as Condoleezza Rice) and Wayne Blair (as Colin Powell). The play received good reviews.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.

SOLOMON ISLANDS Image Gallery 2008

Includes six photographs of Army Reservist, Lance Corporal Garth O'Connell from Combined Task Force 635, deployed to Honiara, Solomon Islands in 2008.

NORFORCE : a spirit of brotherhood

Kathy Marks

in Canberra Times Times 2 Mar 15 2012 : page 4
AIATSIS call number: p MAR

Describes the work of NORFORCE, an Australian Army regiment based on a Second World War observer unit. Norforce conducts surveillance and reconnaissance of Australia's northern border, looking out for illegal fishermen, drug smugglers and wildlife poachers.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Story and Photography by David Hancock

In Australian Geographic, No. 93 (Jan. - Mar. 2009), p. [70]-77, ills., ports
AIATSIS call number: S 91/5

Describes the work of Norforce, the Australian Army's Indigenous surveillance and reconnaissance force in the Northern Territory and the Kimberley.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


Larrakeyah Barracks, N.T. : North West Mobile Force, 2000
AIATSIS call number: p AUS

Information package; coastline surveillance in the Northern Territory and Kimberley region; role of Indigenous Australians in NORFORCE; relationship with remote Aboriginal communities; includes information on Bill Stanner's command of the North Australia Observer
Unit during World War II.

Available at AIATSIS Library and a library near you.


One of the Defence 2020 interactive websites designed for students from years 5 to 10. Students are provided with information – interviews, videos, information and photos – and asked to prepare a presentation which explains what Norforce is, what it does and the people who are part of it.


Written down by Guringirra Yunupingu
Illustrations by Marrnyula Wunungmurra : in Gumatj

Variant title: Nanapurru Djama Gundarak
Nhulunbuy, NT : Yirrkala Literature Production Centre, 1983
20 pages
AIATSIS call number: L G695.095/2

Story of Six Yolngu men who were recruited to build the Gove air strip during WWII. Written in Gumatj language with an English translation by R. Mununggiritj.

Available at AIATSIS Library.


Transcription and editing : Lalambarri Yunupingu, Raymattia Mununggritti, Wurrmitjin Mununggurr
Illustrations by Mawalan Marika

Variant title: We found a white man long ago.
[Yirrkala, N.T. : Yirrkala Community School Literature
Production Centre, 1985?].
19 pages
ISBN: 0864090358
AIATSIS call number: L G695.083/28

Story about assisting an American pilot whose plane had crashed find his way back from Dhambaliya to Yirrkala. Told in Gumatj with an English summary. Also includes information in English from other sources about the pilot, Flight Lt Clarence Sandford who had lost his radio while pursuing Japanese bombers with other American planes, ran out of petrol and ejected himself into the sea about three miles from Bremmer Island.

Available at AIATSIS Library.


Written & Illustrated by Donny Robinson

Variant title: The Vietnam war
Darwin : Summer Institute of Linguistics, Australian Aborigines Branch, 1974.
11 pages
ISBN: 0868921122 : 12c Aust.
AIATSIS call number: L N312.093/1

Story about the Vietnam War in Ngaanyatjarra language with English translation.

Available at AIATSIS Library.

N.T.S.R.U. : 1941 - 1943 / [text and photos from the report of SQN Leader Donald Thomson : Michael Christie, Steve Fox, Nawunggurr, Yunupingu]

[Nhulunbuy]:Yirrkala Literature Production Centre, 1992
31 pages
ISBN: 0864093055
AIATSIS call number: p THO

Describes the work of the Yolngu reconnaissance patrol in the Northern Territory during Second World War as described in the report by Donald Thomson who trained and led thethe patrol.Llist of names of members of the Unit. The Foreword is in Yolngu text with a parallel English translation.

Available at AIATSIS Library.