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Serving our country bannerThe following links demonstrate the wide and varied contribution Indigenous men and women have made in war time and in peace.

Serving Our Country Project

A history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the defence of Australia 'Serving our Country: a history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the defence of Australia' is an Australian Research Council-funded research project based at The Australian National University, and is led by Professor Mick Dodson – Director of the National Centre for Indigenous Studies (NCIS). AIATSIS is one of eight partners in the Serving Our Country Project. You are able to add you family's war service stories to the records.

State Records New South Wales, Staff pick: Soldiering in the late 19th Century

Includes information on other records held by State Records and links to other major institutions holding war records.

Australian World War One Records Finder

A single search entry gives results from a number of searches across Australian War Memorial databases and the service records at the National Archives of Australia. It was built by Tim Sherratt and gives information on the background to the search engine.

South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, Kaartdijin Noongar – Noongar Knowledge , War Service

Information about the war service of Noongar West Australians who served. Includes information about the discriminatory social conditions which existed at the time of WWI and WWII.

South Australian Soldiers of the First World War

A blog which is collecting stories about involvement by Aboriginal South Australians in the First World War.

The Boer War Memorial website – Private John Searle

Private John Searle is an Aboriginal soldier who served in the Boer War.

Private John Brooks

The Australian Light Horse, Aboriginal Light Horsemen, Those Who Served

List of Aboriginal Light Horsemen who served during the First World War.

Aboriginal Heroes:  Episodes in the Colonial Landscape

Short pieces on Aboriginal heroes from Queensland. Written by Dale Kerwin who is researching Aboriginal involvement in the Boer War. Includes a short piece on the Boer War.

Indigenous Histories

Indigenous Histories is a Canberra based Australian publisher with a focus on Indigenous history, art and culture.

Australia's Forgotten Diggers

Information about the research of Dr Noah Reisman who has written the book Defending Whose Country? Indigenous Soldiers in the Pacific War.

Australia's  Involvement in the Korean War - Reg Saunders

Information about Reg Saunders' war service in WWII and Korea.  Includes a portrait painted by Pamela Thalben-Ball.

Brave Family Spurned by Land they Spurned, Sydney Morning Herald article

Article about the Lovett family of Victoria's war contribution.  Five Lovett brothers went to WWI and five signed up for World War II.

Indigenous Servicemen: Their Contribution, Australian Geographic article

Article describes the contribution of Indigenous Australians at war and their experiences at home. Mentions Captain Reg Saunders.  His daughter has recently discovered his war diary.

Dawn Service in PNG for Aboriginal Soldiers

The family of Private Frank Archibald has held a traditional ceremony at the ANZAC Dawn Service in Papua New Guinea to mark the 70th anniversary of the Kokoda campaign. Private Archibald is buried at the Bomana War Cemetery near Port Moresby, alongside six other Aboriginal soldiers.

A light is shone on Aboriginal soldiers' service

Information about Private Len Ogilvie's service in the Korean War.  The article discusses the research of Jan James to produce her book Forever Warriors, which documents the war service of Indigenous Western Australians.

We Will Remember Them, AWAYE, broadcast 24 April 2010, 8 January 2011

Download an mp3 of this program about  Indigenous involvement in World War I for your personal use.

Role of Aboriginal Trackers at Victorian Wars Forum

Discussion centres on the research about Aboriginal trackers being sent to the Boer War.

Aboriginal Anzacs, ABC Behind the News

Story of a South Australian student who with her teacher and classmates went on a trip to Belgium to find the grave of a young Indigenous ANZAC named Rufus.

Festival Airing for Untold Digger's Tale, The Australian, 23 November 2012

Article about a proposed play Black Diggers which Sydney Festival Director, Lieven Bertels, who grew up in Flanders, has commissioned for the 2014 Sydney Festival.  It is inspired by the story of Rufus Rigney, a young Aboriginal soldier who is buried in the Flanders Fields.

Indigenous Australians, ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee of Queensland Incorporated web site

Short article on Indigenous Australians' contribution to World War 1 on the homefront. Includes a quote by Oodgeroo Noonuccal who served in the Australian Women's Army Service (as Kath Walker) and a photo of women at Cummerajunga Mission knitting for the war.

Aboriginal soldiers navigate Talisman Sabre 2011 with U.S. Army Scouts, DVIDS website

Five images of Australian Indigenous soldiers taking part in the Talisman Sabre 2011 joint exercise with the U.S.

Percy's War, PROV Channel

"This short documentary tells the story of Lucy and Percy Pepper and their children, an Aboriginal family from Gippsland in early twentieth century Victoria, as told by their descendants, family photographs and through official documents of the Victorian government." (from website).

2014 Redfern Aboriginal ANZAC Day Commemoration March

Article by Ray Minniecon from First Nations Telegraph. The Unknown Soldier was the theme of the 2014 ANZAC march.

Ray McMinn: Australia's First Indigenous Submariner had choice of jail or the navy

Daily Telegraph article by Ian McPhedron

Minister Elmes Urges Respect for Indigenous War Heroes

Cairns Post article mentions Len Waters, the first Australian Aboriginal military pilot.

Private Augustus Davies Honoured

Article in First Nations Telegraph by the great granddaughter of Private Augustus Davies, Naomi Leith Ross.  The Gus Davies Park in Brisbane honours Naomi's great grandfather.