Joining up

This page includes contact details of the Indigenous recruiting cell of the Australian Defence Force. Also I may include some of my own personal experiences and beliefs on other Indigenous folks like myself taking up a career in the ADF.

I reckon that joining the Australian Army has been the most continually rewarding experience of my life. It has provided me with heaps of skills and has developed me both physically, mentally and socially for the better. I've been places I'd never been before, been in 'choppers', down cliffs and the sides of multi-storey buildings, and a heap of other experiences that none of my 'normal' civilian friends have ever done (and more than likely will ever do). One thing also, is that my civilian mates would pay for the experience instead of getting paid tax-free like me to do it! :)

But I reckon the single best thing has been meeting the best bunch of fellas while I've been in my unit. We often hang out together outside of our Army time - and many of my former army mates who have now left we still keep in touch and have a social drink once in a while. In my four and a half years, I've come across heaps of other Koories and Murries like me - in both regular and part-time units.

"Protecting Country" - the official logo of the Indigenous Recruitment campaign in the Australian Defence Force. Design by Tony Lee (Larrakia). Having more Indigenous men and women in the Australian Defence Force is a great thing. It improves your fitness, gives you something to be proud of. You can take back to your mob new skills, experiences and knowledge. It gives you a work ethic, the way we work in my unit (Infantry) is that "you work hard, you play hard". Being part of something, not only an Australian tradition of service to our Nation, but also of our ancestors to protecting country. Based in Canberra is the Indigenous Recruiting Unit of the Australian Defence Force - they travel all over the country, helping out Indigenous Aussies who are keen on a career.

If you want details on joining up the ADF - whether fulltime or part-time like myself, give Defence Recruiting a call.