This is a timeline of the main events affecting Diana's life.

1801 William PHILLIPS born, Plymouth, England.
1814-15 William COX builds the first road across the Blue Mountains.
1814 Robert RAYNER born, Suffolk, England.
1816 Winbourne

George COX (son of William) is granted 600 acres of land at Mulgoa, this becomes the site of his home 'Winbourne'.

1820 William PHILLIPS, a convict, arrives in Australia aboard the “Coromandel”.
1821 James Blackman becomes the first European person in the immediate Mudgee area and the first to cross the Cudgegong River. George COX is also involved in this exploration and takes up land in the Mudgee area.
1824 Martial law is declared resulting in the massacre of many Aboriginal people, quite likely including some of Diana’s family members. Information available suggests that Diana’s parents were killed in a massacre some time before 1839. George Henry COX is born at ‘Winbourne’.
1826 Diana MUDGEE (Jennings) is born at Mudgee. Her birth is not officially registered. Birth date is assumed from Conditional Purchase records in 1885.
1830 Robert RAYNER, a convict, arrives in Australia on the “Burrill”.
1837 William PHILLIPS begins working for George COX at Bathurst.
1838 William PHILLIPS obtains a Ticket of Leave. The town of Mudgee is gazetted. George Cox granted 2,560 acres of land at Mudgee.
baptism certificate
Sarah Knight's baptism certificate

Diana’s first child, Sarah KNIGHT, is born at Mulgoa. Her father is James KNIGHT.

Diana Mudgee and William Phillips marriage certificate

Diana marries William PHILLIPS in St Thomas' Church at Mulgoa and returns to Mudgee shortly after.

emma phillips
Emma Phillips baptism certificate

Diana has two daughters with William Phillips, Mary Ann and Emma, both born in the Mudgee area.

1845 William PHILLIPS disappears some time after the birth of Emma, his second daughter to Diana. George Henry COX takes up administration of the Cox family estates in Mudgee.
1846 William PHILLIPS receives a Conditional Pardon. Mudgee consists of 36 homes, 3 hotels, 1 hospital, 1 post office, 2 stores and an Anglican church.
1847 James KNIGHT dies at Mulgoa. George COX refers to James’ death in his letters to his son George Henry.
1847 William RAYNER, the first of seven children between Diana and Robert RAYNER is born. Robert Rayner and Diana never married. Robert was also involved with Mary CUMMINGS (CHRISTIE) and had two children to her.
elizabeth rayner
Elizabeth Rayner baptism certificate

Elizabeth RAYNER born.

1850 New South Wales constitution grants voting rights to all male British subjects, including Aboriginal men.
1851 Jane RAYNER born.
Jane rayner
Jane Rayner baptism certificate
1852 (or 1862) William PHILLIPS dies (records are unclear as to whether William died in 1852 or 1862).
Shadrack Rayner
Shadrack Robert Rayner baptism certificate

Shadrack Robert RAYNER born.

1857 John BLACKHALL arrives in Australia.
1858 Caroline RAYNER born.
Caroline rayner
Caroline Rayner death certificate

11 November, Piambong – Death of Diana’s daughter Caroline RAYNER from whooping cough. Mudgee’s population increased to around 1500.

1860 Robert RAYNER aquires land at Piambong (near Mudgee) via conditional purchase.
Harriet Rayner
Harriet Rayner birth certificate

Harriet RAYNER born.

1864 Construction of Burrundulla homestead is completed by George Henry COX.
Thomas Rayner
Thomas Rayner birth certificate

4 July, Piambong – John BLACKHALL marries Diana’s daughter Elizabeth RAYNER, aged 18. Thomas RAYNER born.

1871 3 June, Piambong – Death of Thomas RAYNER, Diana’s tenth child
1872 6 August, Mudgee – Marriage of George VITNELL to Diana’s daughter Jane RAYNER, aged 21.
Robert Rayner
Robert Rayner death certificate

August 6 – Robert RAYNER dies at Mudgee

1875 John and Elizabeth BLACKHALL take up 50 acres of land at Spicers Creek
1877 8 April – Marriage of Diana’s son Shadrack Robert RAYNER to Sarah Ann METCALF
1878 Submission made to establish a school at Spicers Creek. 1 October – Marriage of Richard SMITH and Diana’s daughter, Harriet RAYNER, aged 17.
1880 John BLACKHALL becomes the first postmaster of Spicers Creek. John BLACKHALL acquires a further 300 acres of land
Conditional Purchase
Application for Conditional Purchase

Diana Mudgee submits application for a Conditional Purchase of 400 acres at Piambong. Diana Mudgee is granted a Conditional Purchase of 400 acres of land at Piambong which she is able to improve with the assistance of George Henry Cox.

1886 Death of Diana's daughter, Harriet SMITH (nee RAYNER), aged 25.
1892 Diana applies for additional land.
1896 By this time, ownership of the land previously owned by Diana has fallen to Reginald Belmore COX.

4 May, Piambong – Death of Diana Mudgee, aged 76. Buried Piambong. The Commonwealth Franchise Act of 1902 revokes the voting rights of Aboriginal men. Women are granted voting rights in Australia.

1917 11 October, Spicers Creek – Death of Elizabeth BLACKHALL (nee RAYNER).
1919 24 March, Dubbo – Death of Jane VITNELL (nee RAYNER).
William Rayner
William Rayner death certificate

28 July, Cunnamulla QLD – Death of William RAYNER, aged 75.

Shadrack Rayner
Shadrack Robert Rayner death certificate

30 September – Death of Shadrack Robert RAYNER, aged 69.