James Knight

Name James Knight
Birth 1814
Death 21 August 1847, Mulgoa NSW
Spouse Diana MUDGEE
Marriage No marriage recorded
Children Sarah KNIGHT
Occupation Overseer on George Cox Snr's property "Winbourne" at Mulgoa NSW

Diana's first partner and father of her first child, Sarah KNIGHT

Killed by accidentally shooting himself while climbing through a fence at "Winbourne" Mulgoa

Following his involvement with Diana, James married Eliza RAYNER in 1840, Mulgoa.

James and Eliza had three children before he died in 1847:

  • Eliza, baptized St Thomas' church  Mulgoa, 1842
  • Martha, baptized St Thomas' church  Mulgoa, 1844 
  • James G, baptized St Thomas' church  Mulgoa, 1846 

Eliza's father was William RAYNER and her mother Mary HARDING.

There is some speculation that William may have been the brother of Robert's father Thomas RAYNER.

Robert Rayner

Name Robert Rayner
Birth 1814, Suffolk England
Death 16 October 1874, Mudgee NSW
Spouse Diana MUDGEE
  • William RAYNER
  • Elizabeth RAYNER
  • Jane RAYNER
  • Shadrack RAYNER
  • Caroline RAYNER
  • Harriet RAYNER
  • Thomas RAYNER
Occupation Farmer

Convict who arrived on the "Burrell" on 19th of December 1830.

Accidentally killed by a dray running over him. The undertaker was John BLACKHALL, husband of Robert's daughter Elizabeth.

Robert was also involved with Mary CUMMINGS (CHRISTIE).

Mary was the sister of Susannah, the wife of Robert's business partner, Edward COVER 

Mary was born on 6 April 1822 Windsor to William CHRISTIE and Mary Ann JONES.

She had two children with Robert:

  • Ann, born 14 July 1858 at Covers Hole near Mudgee
  • Robert, born 8 September 1863 at Covers Hole near Mudgee

Wiliam Philips

Name Wiliam Philips
Birth 1801, Plymouth England
Death 19 September 1852, or 25 Nov 1862, Mulgoa NSW
Spouse Diana MUDGEE
Marriage 8 Sept 1840, St Thomas's Mulgoa NSW
  • Mary Ann PHILLIPS
Notes William PHILLIPS was a convict who arrived in Australia on the "Coramandel" on the 4th of April 1820.