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Transcribed by Jessica White.

Page 1

Fine Monday 7-1-30

Bakers Arms Letonstone [Leystonstone]

Stall Market. Popolare St [Poplars Rd, between Walthamstow Central and Leytonestone]

I was much hustled by the

P.C. & Jews dun me out of

a stand I have been for

most part of the day &

the[y] also set 3 English

young men against me

who called me Black Bastard

& many other & also an

Indian, go to you own

country.  Crowed much

amused.  I did not answer

sevear boycott did not

earn expences.

Blacks (Asiatics) canot


Page 2

8-1-30 Tuesday. Fine

Tower Bridge Rd Stall market [near Tower of London]

Alway’s a very White market

Police hunted me and

followed me about after

P.C. Sergent 34.M. Spoke

to P.C. M. 162 & 301 P.C.M.

I stood opposite an empty

Stall.  After P.C.162M Pass me

and old woman told me I

was to move from there.

then I stood opposite a

Grocery Store ([Wyoung?]) Near

Green walk Rd the P.C. 162M

pass.  The frindley nature

of the People Turned

Sergent 34M Hunted an Indian

& also a negro.  But not white.

Page 3

9-1-30 Wednesday


Burdet Rd Stall market

No Sale, much humbug

by, Hostel nature half

Breed Jews.

P.C. Wer amused and kept

a sharp look out & moved

me.  Walked about Mile End

in Wentworth St I was

taken for an Arab & called

the Grand mufta, that

I should be killed. by a Jew

who has been at me ever

since the Palastine

Troubel Satrted.

THE P.C. 363. H. is

Speaking of me to the Jews

about me [to?] the Old Baily

Page 4

10-1-30 Thursday Fine

Dull & But Rain Threatning

Watney St Stall Market littel

Trading.  The usual jelousey by

the Tray Trader’s.

Limping cockney Picture Book

selling. Stood opos by the

front of me. & did all he could

to agrevate me, & would hush

any one likley to buy of me.

He was dowing like wise in

Wentworth St. Two make belive

drunk, London Raggad’s hooked on

to me, & Spoke in Indian Language

as I was unabel to answer them

they abused me.  And the Limping

Cockney took up & called me a Black

Bastard.  The Jew & Jew Barrow

boy’s supported him. A Jew called

Page 5

Rat. (a seller of Bannana

from a Barrow) thretened

me, & called me a C---.

They are allways Hostiel to

me.  The same Rat has

many times openly

insulted me.  Besides passing

insulent Remarks where

ever he see me.

I believe he is put up by

usual Jew’s way of dowing

things. & he is suposed a

Boxer. (Better than the Rest).

Limping Cockney repoted me

to P.C. & I also stated my

Versen.  PC. replied you

all will be cleared from

here.  After a Barrow Jew

Page 6

a Barrow pushing Jew

Paulterer [poultry seller] called me

a buggar, & threatningly

said & that’s English.

P.C 363 Heard & saw of

course, he walked away

As I was passing High

St Aldgate. the Limping

Cockney saw me & he

abused me, with his like


England is a very dangeres

place, (Especily the Half-

Breed’s of Jews) to Black


The[y] must not defend themsevles,

as they have no national

Suport. (Retaliate)

Page 7

11-1-30 Friday Fine

Rathbon St Stall Market

Caning [Canning] Town

Very slow trading not

many Jew’s or gentiles

Hustelling me.

Children stol things off

my Tray & Ran away

the Crowed Very amused

Indian scarf Seller’s

wer Subjected much of the

White Venum.  I din’t

see him sell any.  These

Indian’s do not understand the

English or their habits.

At a Pub I was as usual

Subjected As Britis Boast

over the Blackman.

Page 8

12-1-30 Well’s St Stall Market

Fine morning. 3 P.M. Rain.

Sevear boycott.  Much remark

about my being allien.

I did not take expences

P.C. Watched me from a

hiden, When I saw him

he would move else where

If the P.C. would do this

As the Alliens (Europ) the

would retaliate.

I took shelter after I came out

of the Tram in Aldgate

where a crowd of men &

women wer, I was spoken

to by Irish who been to India

as Soldjer’s, I had to leave & [unclear]

Page 9

13-1-30 Stall Market

Edgeware Rd Church St [Edgware Rd Station]

Fine 1PM Rain Very Keen

competetion against me

the Allien. P.C. Hustel me

not even Buss fare


Salvation Army Loddgers jelous

& much Insolence & from

the one eyed member

of its staff.  The young

man has repetedly

mark me out to Swank

his [unclear] [unclear-ing]

my Cough is Troubelsum

Feverish The whole of my

Body trimbeling.  Yet I

must go out. As there no place to rest.

Page 10

14-1-30 Roman Ford –

Gun St Wentworth St & about

EC Whitechapel.  Nothin Good

Fine day. 4PM Rain.

I was pelted with foul

Guts & Paper wads &

rotten fruit missels

they came from the [unclear] &

Frankel the Butcher Shop

by a Russian Salesman

& the manager has many

Times insulted, & also

rufuse to sell me meat.

& also the Cheese Stall

Keeper Maxwell often

times very actively

boycotted me to the would be

Custemer’s & Pelted me with

tomato, & other missels.

Page 11

Since the British scheem

of active Slaughter in

Palastine, these Jews have

been very dangeres to me &

often times said they would kill me

for the Arab’s wer Killing the Jews

Since the English [planned?] Indian

mutney. England has prepared

to Slaughter of the Indians &

to further her Sheem of Slaughter

it was found that Europe

must be Broken up & Bended to

her will, so England planed &

succeeded the War of 1914.

(for Germany was in her way)

& with the completion of [unclear]

Goverment House her pland

was ready & The Proclamation

Page 12

By Lord Irvin the

British Vice Roy in India

was the understood

plan of attack (Insiting [inciting])

& Waylaing the allready

[unclear] armed Europe.

& the so called Bomb

out Rage of British Vice

Roy in India was

only a British plan

as Similiar as the that

of the for[e] Runners

preaveas [previous] to the whole

sale Slaughter of the

un armed God woshiping

Indian’s in 1860

(Indian mutney)

Page 13

Taking all in all the

People wer never so

Niggardly in thought

or habits as the English

those of England.  Most

vulger & ignorent & dirty.

Travel through the

country’s of Great

Britain & [Iarland?], then

through Asia, you

will never find Susch [such]

Filt & Ignerent &

Barbarick Savages

in India or Asia

Generalley speaking.

Nun Like F.M. CrawShaw

& his Wife to be found

among Asiatics.

Page 14

16-1-30 Tuesday

Stratford Stall market.

No competition Dull

trading.  Much Insolence

from working men & women

going & coming at dinner

hour  I was ordered &

pushed out of a Restarant

& also from a publick

House.  So I had to do

without dinner or

a drink.  I was again

insulted by a Paultrey

Barrow pushing young

man & he attempted to

push the barrow over me

in corner of Goulsten &

Wentworth St

Page 15

Wednesday 17-1-30

Littel [Carl?] St Seven Dials

Forigne’s Generaly on Sunday V.V.G

But today No peopel & Poor

Trade.  I was again for the

third time called a Black Bastard

& threatened with being thrown

out of the Windo.  He is a very big

[btd?] & Powerfully Built man

he almost every day Piss the

Bed. & the mattress has been

changed on my Bed. it is that

way I got this cold.  A Black

man is not safe even in bed

from the White Schum. I said [unclear]

I was again abused by a young

man in the Wash House for the

2nd time.  Once in Bed (one of the


Page 16

I was subjected to assult

& Robbery of my Good’s

opposite the London Hospital [Whitechapel Road]

by Jew’s & Gentiel young

men, they Generally be

about the coffee Stall.

The Jew young man

known by name as

Rat. Abused me (Black C---)

in Wenworth St & Goulsten

corner, as I was going

Home to my Loddgin

in Middelsex St Army.

Many Buss conducters

would not Stop & abused

me you want Ride in my

Buss. Go Back to your country

& Etc & the Passer’s wer highly


Page 17

Thursday 18-1-30

Stall Market at Brixton

Verry sevear Boycott by Stall

Holders & P.C.199W who

told me if he saw me away

from where he bid me he

would Put me in. & he in

hiding watched me, & he

Saw 2 young men

passing me (fish stall) Blagarded

me & threatned me with

a very large Knife (he

was carring a few) saying

& drawing the knife

accros his on throat

you Black Bastard that’s

I will do to you all

Becaus I was Trading &

I was the only Black man.

Page 18

Before the P.C. 199W

Threatned me, a Tray

Trader of the Mootcher

Type was talking to the

P.C. 199W & women &

Stall Holder’s. Market

Super wiser & many

P.C. Sergent’s saw me

& they said nothing. &

I have been refused

A Stand even on payment

& others of the white wer

allowed free.

I saw & Spoke to a Malay

Anglo Indian who wer sent

here to School. (a Boy 12)

he said gleefully they are

Page 19

going to make currey

we in Malay have all

Sort’s of nice things to eat

I wish I was back in

(Kollanpotz?).  This a

very misarebal & Bad

dirty peopel, and nothing

nice to eat.  My father

is a lawer.  Then a

Vixen looking old & much

age hag took him away

So I had no time to

Explain the England’s

Schum of murder &

Plunder & Slaughter of

women & children.

The boy said the English in

Malay live well.  look at them


Page 20

Friday 17-1-30

Bright & Warm day

Burdett Rd Stall Market.

The White Hostiel Nature

very much to the Front.

Few Jeweses Baught.

Dinner in a restaurant

Subjected to much remarks

about Indian’s mode of life

& what they did to Indians

& how they treat Indians

by ex soldger’s.

2 P.C. Very conversational

(Pumping) & very Boastfull

about England & What India

would be, if it wer not

for England & about the


Page 21

Saturday 18-1-30

North End Rd Stall

Market Yallen Green [poss Walham Green near Fulham Broadway]

No opposition Very Dull

Fair day.

half Breed Jew’s Selling

Vegetabel off Barrow’s

Very Hostiel attempted

asult all becaus I

sold some Toy’s. I

Greened [grinned] & Bore all.  The

Peopel very amused.

The P.C. all of them wer

keeping a Sharp eye on

me but did not object

to my Trading.

Coming & Going. Conducter’s &

Passenger’s. Insolent becaus I

am a Black.

Page 22

The Irish element at

the Salvation army

mainly ex Indian (or Some

of Aseas countrys) Very

Hostiel abusing Sayings

Not only where the[y] see

me, but in bed as well

No 274 Bed which is

at the foot of my Bed

piss his bed almost

every night especilly

on Friday & Saturday

night.  he has been

changing the mattres of my

Bed And then he take a

delight in abusing me

I have Spoken to the office

of the S. Army but the[y] only Laugh.

Page 23

19-1-30 Stall Marke[t]

Nile St Hoxton.

Very Bright all day

No Opposition Fair

Trading.  East End half a

day.  I turned out of

a Publick hous in

Green St [(Melouse)?]

Italian refused to

serve me Refreshment

Because I am a Black

Jew’s not speaking good

English, Roused on me

saying I was taking their

living away from them &

that I should be sent Back

to my country.  Conducter

& the Rest of the Tram [unclear]

Page 24

Monday 20-1-30

Stall Market at

Barker’s Arms in

Popolare St corner

Very much opposition

& selleing things under

cost price, yousing me

as a Forigner to the

country & appealing to

Support the Empire

They wer Forigner Jews

who could not speak

plain English.

The Jew Trade Spys

wer all ways about

watching & such actions

are taken against all

But Jew’s.

Page 25

I allways picked up

for use empty

card Board Box

which all thrown

away & some Jews

asked me & I told them

I use them to carry

my trading goods as

I have no place to

leave them.  since then

card Bord Boxes has been

Broken up.  So I asked

a Jews Shop Keepers

to save me one, & I woul[d]

paye for the same.

They spoke to me as I was

a Mange dog & Refused.

Page 26

Tuesday 21-1-30

Very Fogey day.

Watney St & Wentworth St

& about.  But no Trade.

In wentworth St the

Jews are banded more

than ever, the Fruit

Stall opposite Frankel?

& Levern takel (me about

my trading & living in this

country, takel me

Frankel & Leaven Butcher

Takel [tackle] me, my trading in

this country (you shouldn’t

Be allowed amongs white & Etc

An old women pointing to

me Spoke in Jewish. Hostiel.

Page 27

22-1-30 [unclear]

Stall Market

Wilcox St [near Vauxhall]

Dull day Ragged

Trade, Better E.C.

Mile End.

In the Tube Very niggardly

made about the Indians

Chinese & other Asiatics

by those Work

in offices in Mincing

Lane [nr Fenchurch st] & very marked

insolent by Women &

men.  There Versen [version] is that

England suporting

the asiatics is the

great caus[e] of England’s

Poverty. and I am Well off Etc.

Page 28

Thursday 23-1-30

Seaton St Stall Market

Tottenham Court Rd

I was Bard by a

young Scotch P.C. from

Trading & Very Threatning.

Seaton St Market there

are forigner’s so I do

better amongst these

market’s which are

forigner’s.  The P.C. moved

me but not others.

Comming & going By the

Tram I was takin for an

Indian by the conducter

& Ticket Inspecter, & Some

Jews passengers.  The

Indians must be [unclear] than

Slaves to Stand the White.

Page 29

24-1-30 Friday

Wells St Stall Market

& About E.C. Mile End.

Jew’s wer as usual

Selling things Very cheap

they are Shop Keepers

who come out to market’s

as tray men (as I) or

sell off some other

Stall Holder Stall

& the Jew’s (Forigner) all

way’s make trade by

making fun of Some one

and attrack a crowed &

I am a [unclear] thing for

their use.  All most allway

Why dont you go back to India

& Etc.

Page 30

you are dowing a

White man out of his

living you aught to

your country & sell

them not here, We got

to keep you in your

Country, & you come

here & live with

white peopel In your

country you wouldnt

be allowed to walk

on the foot path

See what we got to

put up with in

England. this is the

usual & allways backed

by ex soldier’s & the

crowd is much pleased

Page 31

25-1-30 Friday

S. Army. Middelsex st.

To D.D. Jones Esq

most Honerd Sir

yours of the 19-1-30

was recieved by me

at 7.P.M. on 24-1-30

which was laing in

the office over 2 days

my name was not

shown on the List

posted outside nor

was I told of it, by

Chance I met a

member of the staff

going up the Stairs

& he told me of it

Page 32

When I claimed it

& was much surpri[sed]

& pleased when

I saw your hand

& Reading of it gave

me the only pleasure

I have ever known

in this land of Enemy

of Black men &

Slaughter of women

& Children, & Blood

succers of Trusting


But when I came

across 16/9 it made my

Page 33

Tears wild in my


Your persistent &

Endles goodly thaughts

& deeds are more like

a Black, than a

White man.

I am enclosing the 18/9

same back to you

& retaining you ever

over glowing goodness

as that of THE

Prince Sidtathara

of Kapalawusthova


Page 34

My Caugh is littel

Better.  But Bad

when weather is bad.

If I had a littel place

as that of Warner St [Clerkenwell]

I could I could live

better & also save.

as it is what I spent

for a dinner would

keep me in Better

clean & healthiar

food 2 days.

I eat very littel

food of this Place (S. Army)

for they are not

Page 35

norishing.  But dirty

& what is more, at

the serving Bar a

White man first &

any thing will do the

Black, I have often

payed for food & left

untuched, such as

Eggs. Bacon. Potato

Those who serve

here are choosen from

realesed convicts.

Or on probation

no other Kind employed

the class that stay

here, as in all other

Page 36

common loodging

are recivers of

the doll. old age

pension, & such

who are a walking

mass of filth, &

the room’s or places

they congregate are

like exhumed grave yard’s.

If every thing care

fully cared for if

not they would

Vanish before your

very nose, for the

whole crowed [unclear]

in such & think

Page 37

such actions as

very smart.

Friday. Saturday &

Sundays are great

days of Drunken ness

& broil?, & this are

much to the front

by the Banded

Irish element.

If I was not on

probation, & under

the Salvation army

Branch, they would

not allow a Black

man, I have

often been refuced

by this place &

Page 38

& other Salvation

Army Loddgings

I am staying here

since I left

Epsom, except

for a week when

I went to Bristol

with the hope getting [unclear]

of this Blackmans

Butcher land England

but I could not

live there becaus

of the Police

Percequition [persecution?] even

thoug I had a

Page 39

street Trading

licence.  then

so I came back.

Through Mr F.M. Crawshaw Esp

I had to apear

before Sir E. Wild

at Old Baily when

where I heard

[2 lines crossed out – unclear]

much untruthful

carracter written

by F.M. Crawshaw Esq.

there by he did not

only place chains

Page 40

about me

Through my

stupidity I gave

him not only

a chance to

chain my limbs

But a halter

round my

inocent neck.

I should have

continued my

life work by

deffending my

self as a Black

man.  What is done

is done.

Every moment I

Page 41

Spend in thinking &

Serching some one who

would take up the casu

of Natives of Australia

But I am generally

made a Laughing

Stock of.

Before you recieve

this by Post. The British

manovered Slaughter of

the unarmed, &

Pleading Indians be in

as that is in Palastine.

England is Suing armed

Power’s to protect her from

armed asult (War)

Page 42

all the

White she impudently

Slaughter & Plunder

in armed civalized

Nations of Aisa

who’s Benevolance made

England & keep England

Saved “Drake” from

Spaniards & Portugeese & [French?]

& from the 1914 War

And England Broke every

Promis she made to Indians

& Other’s of Asia, & Attempt to

do like wise to Italy, But

England found, althoug Italy

was a traiter in the war

yet Italy would be

Page 43

supported, & England’s

move in Europe would

be exposed.  So she gave

a way to Italy, By giving

to Italy the land’s of Black

men who Saved England

& aleaniated Italy poverty

to Land, in the British

Scheem of murder & Plunder

which Italy is most ably

following up to the full

Satisfaction of Her Alley [ally]

England.  By Murdering

men at Prayer & Slaughtering

women & children & Blaggarding

the Good name of the help

Page 44

help less unarmed

Natives of Sudan &

Tripola.  Look up

See How Loyd George

manage to make a

Traitor of Italy

& the Promiss made to

Italy, for Betraying

Her Honorabel allies

Austria, Germany

Secret Agreement.

and Also Look up the

Promises made to India

Egyet. By Loyd George

in 1914 Slaughter of

Page 45

Honerabel Germans

And How England [kept?]

those promises in

Egept India Samoa

New Guine & others.

Britan & Her convict

Lay Ruiled

For German countrys

in Australasia

England’s moves in

Europe for stalled my

pleading, Since the War,

And the Same is managed

for Asia in Generaley

& England sheems & plunder

the help less unhinderd

Page 46

If I do get away

from England

what would over take

me would be as

did in Greece, or in

Poland.  For I am

made a British to

further Englands

scheems other wise

I am Bared from (Black)

Earning a lively hood

on Land or Sea under

The English, & England

user her international

alliance (Legue of

Nation) & [unclear]

Page 47

to further her Scheem

againts Asia & the


an armed [Evangelize?]

Nation throug whose

Generosity England

came to belong & hold

to gather.

So the winter is a

planting time

I thought Snow & Frost

would not be a [unclear]

for planting trees or

any thing growing in

the open

Page 48

Beliving my returning

the 10/-s will be looked

up on in your usual

full hearted way.  Sir

you know it is to you I

have all ways appeald

for everything & you

have most ungrudingly

spent your money &

Time for me from the

very first day.

Mr Monk at the Forigen

Office reffered me to

you & if it was

not for you.

The Rector of St Dunne’s [St Clement Danes Church]

Page 49

Recter Pannington Baninglo J.P [Pennington-Bickford?]

church, Strand would

have sent me to a

Lunatic Asylum &

what is more in my

last misfortune if

it was not for you

I would have been

both a convict & Lunic [lunatic],

bying that you will

look over my short comings

(if any which are unknown to me)

I close this long rambl-

ing letter & Hoping it

will find your Self &

Mrs D.D. Jones in the

very Best of health

Page 50

& Prosperity

wishing you both

Propures Happy &

a long life I beg

to remain

your Humbel &

loyal Servent

A.M. Fernando

Sunday 26-1-30

P.S. I wrote this holding in

my hand against

noise & other winter

inconveneance about

me. (Lodgers).

Page 51

Saturday 26-1-26

Morning damp & dull

but Turned out to be

a fine & warm day.

Roman Rd Stall market

done fair Trade

No opposition the

Jew & Gentiels the

usual shiriking

the Black.

On the Buss conducter

reffered to me coolies

are permited to mix

with white women

& men & that the

coolies of India earn

2 annas a day

& they come here &

do whites out of a living

Page 52

Sunday 26-1-30

Broadway St

Hacnkey Marsh

St all market.

much humbug by

lookers on so did

not do much.

morning began good

but Rain at 1.P.M

came to Wentworth St

Jew market where

I was subjected to

a young Jew stall

holder’s boycott

suported by the Jew

Barrow traders

& much [jeered?] by the


Page 53

I suppose my daily

noats of sum of my

momentry experience

in London is worth

repeating (reading)

For you know much

better for what

major [uncear-asian] & you

Experienced, when

trying to employment

find work for me in

1919 (The Red Cross.)

& then favoured me by

helping me across to Italy.


6-1-30 England

Dear & Honored Sir

Beliving this will find you & Mrs in the best of health & thoroughly enjoyed the merry season

I wish you all a happy & a Prossperes New year

I am O.K. the Enclosed will be of some thing to pass your long hour's of in indoor enforcment.

Again wishing you of the Very Best

I beg to remain Sir your faithfull & Loyal Servent

A.M. Fernando